Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not getting in under the wire, lol.

Yesterday I had a choice, I could photograph some cards that I've worked on and have today's post all ready, or I could start a new project. I woke up sick yesterday, so sick I called in to work and went to the doctor. I know you may not understand from this small bit of information, but for me to call in I have to feel like there is NO way I can function at work. I was VERY disappointed in my visit to the doctor, but the worst part was she told me not to take the over the counter stuff that I had been taking because my blood pressure was VERY high and she believed it to be partially from the sinus medicine I had been taking.

ARGH, she told me to take some nasal spray stuff and rest and drink liquids... honestly it felt like SUCH a waste. Um, as of this morning I feel SO much better!

Long story short... I chose to start a new messy painting project for today's post because I thought it would help my blood pressure go down. It did. But with the dry time factor, it's NOT ready, LOL. So  I took a horribly blurry teaser photo for you.

Ingredients so far:

1. Old book, separated into sections
2. Claudine Hellmuth Gesso and assorted paints
3. Claudine Hellmuth Matte Gel Medium
4. Faber Castell Gelatos

*Heavy Sigh

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I dumped my pile of favorite scraps on the table across from me:

(That IS the book I started with, LOL)

So today I work, and when next I post (Tuesday) I so hope that  this is the finished project that I am posting.

Hugs and have a wonderful day. 

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