Friday, May 29, 2009


Forgot to snap photos of the goodies I got for my second LO for Eclectica, but here's the result...
The photo is of my little's a photo from 2003 but like most of my photos it was just sitting in a box. I have a lot to scrap up on. The photos aren't great but it's getting late here and I wanted to turn it in tomorrow after work so no good chance for natural lighting.
If you need this paper, or any of these supplies they can be found here!

Friday Faves 05/29/09

1.This may come as a shock, but my first friday fave is having the opportunity to turn this gorgeous paper from MY MINDS EYE from THIS

Into THIS!!!

2. Going to Emack and Bolio's to have a ton of ice cream with my friends this week on my birthday! Even my beautiful springer spaniel neice Caroline got to go for a doggy sunday (yes, they make totally safe doggy sunday's here!!!)

3. Getting "The Daily Grind" letters from Theresa along with some of the Just Chillin' letters and some GLIMMER MIST SCREENS for my birthday!!!

4. This hilarious British Comedy directed by Frank Oz (aka Miss Piggy) Death at a Funeral had me ROFLOL and that is quite a feat!!

5. Only need a few more Star Trek points to get a cool Star Trek T-shirt...can't wait!!!

There are a couple of links up there...just click on the photo if you are interested...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Page for my LSS!!

Okay, so I didn't have to be in a hurry but those new My Mind's Eye papers just kept calling my name and to have such a wonderful opportunity to share this paperlust with others...WHEW! So here's my page and some detail shots. TFL! For any of these supplies you can click here and email them...THANKS!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Day Ever!!!

I am having an all time great day here today...which is even better because today IS my 34th birthday.
Jamie sweetly brought me breakfast to work and then Robin (of Robinswearables see the etsy link below) took me to EL MEZCAL for some super delish mexican food. Then I dropped by my lss where they asked if I'd mind doing a LO for them to display in the store...would I mind??? I can't believe they asked FLATTERING!!! I am so pumped!! They took me around and showed me the paper that I could choose from. I wound up choosing the new stuff from my minds eye and they even let me use some of those FAB glittery label holders from Making Memories!!! I AM SO Happy AND EXCITED!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Anyone interested in a swap? Seeing as it's my birthday week/month (yes, Wednesday is the day and at the end of the month, I'll stop harping on it...maybe) I thought maybe some of you would be interested in a swap. Since Birthdays are on my mind...I'm thinking birthday mini albums. Let me know what you think...need your answers by 7pm CST on Wednesday. I think I can handle swapping with three people to start off with...if more want to swap, then I'll be glad to work this by putting names in a hat and drawing matches. Let me know loves!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love the AMBER!!!

I love this bracelet almost as much as I love the designer! She is new to Etsy but is a GREAT friend!

Shop now!

Finally added to my Etsy!

Ok, over my sadness about Bad Girls, I just really thought it was going to be over, but now I see that I'll just have to make it on reveal nite to get my fix LOL!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Faves 05/22/09!

Birds, Flowers and dogs (and even a cat!!)
I am pet sitting this weekend for some of our patients this weekend (I work at a veterinary hospital) and as I have never done this for hire before...I am ENJOYING myself ALOT!!! (yes I know that's not correct grammer, forgive me please.)

1. My pets. They bring us so much joy and love us even when we aren't loving ourselves...and I finally got a decent photo of my cat Sayuri! but first is Kayla...the best dog we could ever have!


Sayuri (she'll be two in July)

3. Getting my first photo ever of a hummingbird! (she was at the house where I am pet sitting...I didn't get a good shot of her man, but I'll try again tomorrow!)

4. The Lovett Boston Terriers! These are the sweetest and lovingest boston's I have ever met!

See how they play?

Abby was a rescue and Minnie is right at a year old and completely deaf!

5. My hydrangeas. I have planted hydrangeas at both of the homes we've had, but this is the first bush that has bloomed. Last year was it's first time to bloom (the bush was a gift from my dad...a piece of one out of his yard. I have one from my Mom too and it's growing well, but younger so I hope it blooms next year).
Pic from today 05/22/09

One of the blooms from last year.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Sad

Well I am one of "those" people who chooses to be a little self-centered around their birthday. One of my favorite things that I have been looking forward to since December of 2008 (I know not even a year right?) is coming to an end. My favorite scrappy kit club of all time (ok, the only one I have ever been a member of ) is coming to a close. A subscription close that is. They are changing things around and I'm sure that they'll be wonderful, but no matter what posts I read, I just know that I won't be getting Bad Girl Kits for sure once a month from now on. There will still be kits available on a limited basis which is great. And with that smaller number, it ensures that the kits will be even more special and full of vintagy goodness, but right now I just need to be sad. We just got the word today and people have been getting emails from paypal left and right that their subscriptions are cancelled. Woe that it happened now...
I just wish I'd had more notice.
I'm just a little sad...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blog Candy!!!

Ok ladies, everything old is new again and this stuff looks fab!!!
Click here for a chance to win!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Faves 05/15/09

This has been a big week full of inspiration and work, and rechargable batteries.
(I didn't know they needed to charge BEFORE I can use them the first time). This will be a photoless post but as soon as I find the charger I bought to go with the batteries, I will put up some pics because I've been really scrappy this week.

1. ATC's after starting three different batches for my first ATC swap I got them done, and on time to mail!!! YAY! (My new personal goal is to set and complete more attainable project goals)
2. The Birthday Gift I crafted for my secret scrappy sister. My project was due on June first, and I finished and dropped it off this week. YAY ME!!!
3. My baby book projects are ALMOST complete!
4. When I was "organizing" some photos in my closet this week I stumbled upon the photos (and negatives) from the night our god daughter Lana was born (her parents pics were lost in a fire) not only were the prints and negatives there, but they were DOUBLE PRINTS!!! Her mom already got the copy I sent in the mail and this was truly a WONDROUS FIND!!!
5. Playing with some old stash. This goes right along with my ATC's...I used stuff I've literally had for years before I even got into papercrafting...and had such a good time!!!

thanks all!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Faves for May 8, 2009

Okay so it is really Saturday, but I wasn't feeling very well yesterday...I didn't even check my email...go fig. I had a good day, but was basically just TIRED And sleepy so I rested. (mostly) But I am posting my faves...better late than never.

1. Strawberries! As mentioned in a previous post, May is my birthday month...I don't really expect to spend the WHOLE month getting accolades (my birthday isn't until the 27th) but as May is full of flowers growing, bees buzzing and birds chirping (and school being out which used to be one of my favorite things growing up...we would ALWAYS be out of school right around my birthday although I hear it's later now) the whole month is just kind of special to me. I love, LOVE strawberries...I can't eat enough of them! Anyway my friend Jamie and I went a couple of Saturdays ago and picked fresh strawberries and DH and I have been enjoying them...I wanted to go pick more today but am being impeded by rain...oh well maybe next week.

2. Sausage balls. I remember growing up they used to be reserved for special occasions like Christmas and then I remember asking my Mama if we could just have them for breakfast sometime. She said that they were all the ingredients of sausage and biscuit so that would be fine if it's what I wanted. I still love making them for breakfast although I don't always use flour now (I don't have any...and they work ok, just take more draining). I like them slightly overdone so the outside cheese is crunchy. I also LOVE to use Jimmy Dean sausage!

3. The Butcher Shop. This restaurant has two locations (right now) in Memphis and I've always heard good things about it, it's just a little out of our price range for dinner out (Our price range for a "nice" meal being Chinese or O'Charley's or something and just eating out being of the Tellini's or Arby's variety). Anyway I had an "educational" dinner on the topic of pet motion sickness (yes, vomit!!! lol!!!) and had one of the most delicious steaks I had ever had out!!! My steak was so big that I brough half of it and my baked potato home to DH (who raved)!

4. Chuck. DH and I kept hearing about how good this show was on our favorite podcast and decided to check it out! I'm five episodes in and LOVE it! Trying not to give too much away here but so you know all episodes are available here.

5. Star Trek. I LOVED it...had everything I wanted and so far I can't think of anything I didn't.
Live long and prosper....and if you're a fan of Star Trek at all, go see this movie.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Girl RAK...

Ok here's a RAK from a BAD GIRL...she's still getting it ready but everyone knows how great those scraproom "cleanup" RAKs are...hop on over to:


let her know Aeify sent you!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday in MAY!

May is my birthday month, and for all friends and relatives who are wondering what to get/do...I would love to be able to purchase more scrappy good things...and there's a donate button on the sidebar now if you'd like to contribute to my addiction...saves a stamp AND and envelope and I believe that is GREEN!!! Love you all and MORE LATER!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

How about a RAK for NSD!!!

Go on over quick to comment and WIN!

National Scrapbook DAY!!!

Give yourself a gift to celebrate NSD and tell them Aeify sent you!!!

Just a reminder everyone...05/05/09 is NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY and the ladies over at (see blinkies on sidebar over to your right please...) are having and ALL DAY ONLINE CROP with PRIZES GALORE...some for just dropping by and participating so if you're not're totally square (and not necessarily 12x12)!

Friday Faves 05/01/09

1. The idea to recycle old cereal boxes int ATCs....Thanks to kitsandcaboodles at Etsy! I love her store too...have to shop here because she's actually in my hometown of Clanton, AL...that alone amazes me not to mention her cute crafty little shop!!

2. Makeup Tutorials by panacea81. If you have ever wondered how to do a smokey eye and had trouble following written instructions...if you have ever wanted to do your own "fantasy" makeup looks for whatever reason...or if you just want to know how to emulate a certain celebrity, just look here. She's so precious and so sweet and TAKES REQUESTS and is very good at giving tips and instructions!

3. "MY" new scrappy tee shirt! Okay so everyone else can have one too! I encourage you to go pick out your fav style and color and pick one up for's "super"!!! (The link is below...I really love it enough to post about it twice LOL!


My hubby has been trying to get me to share his audio books for a while and for some reason I just didn't want to ... I love my little ipod but for some reason after the initial thrill of finally getting one and listening frequently I just stopped for a while and had a hard time getting back into it...well now I have discovered the Outlander series and LOVE listening while I do anything scrap related, laundry, free step with my Wii... you get the picture I think ;).

5. Podcasts. Love several:
this american life
what do you know
wait, wait don't tell me
(ok so the last three are shows from NPR which I also love, so I got six in this week instead of Five!!)