Friday, September 30, 2011

Evidence that I'm getting Happy Mail LOL!

So I filmed a couple of quick yt vids today that I'm gonna share. The first is of the box I received from my Pizza Box swap partner from LSH. She's from Canada and we mailed boxes to each other on Monday...and I already got it, AWESOME!!

The second happy mail was my tags back from the Artsy Addicts Swap!

I am so happy you stopped by to watch what I've been up to! Be sure and come back tomorrow for the blog hop!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Craft a Little, Craft a LOT!

So I have been crafting away. I love swapping with the folks over at LSH and most of my projects this month have been for swaps lately (and sadly I forgot to photograph somethings I really wanted to share, but I'll share those when they come back)! I actually committed to almost too many and I'm going to have to be very careful not to do so many in the future LOL (as I have been working more at my day job). 

I made this Tussie Mussie for my goddaughter Alana. I think she'll like it, it has kitties on the paper, and some bling hanging from the end.

This is my first 6x6 card. It was really fun to make, and this image came from Tiddly Inks. I just love her images! I have tried coloring some of the vampire images, but haven't really colored an image that I am happy with except for this awesome coffin. I included this card in a swap that I did.

These are some journalling spots that I made to swap. I'm really most proud of the birdcage spots. I also really, really like the spot made with the Lawn Fawn stamp shaped like a polaroid.

I had never really concentrated on making journalling spots before. I think that if it's something you haven't tried, it might really help you out. I like to do projects like this (small ones that aren't for anything specific) if I'm having trouble getting inspired. I also like to spend those times when I need to be creative, but it's not coming on practicing my coloring or just making embellishments like handmade flowers that I know I will use in the future.

What do you do when you have some time when you need to create, but you just can't find a project that inspires?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ever want to teach crafts?

I have wanted to teach (like in a class, not sitting trying to complete my projects and then spend my night teaching how I made that first embellishment on a LO that is now not going to be finished at the crop). I love teaching people how to do new things. In fact, I have done "make and takes" with my group of scrap buddies that went really well, but we did our samples and then we cropped.
Anyways, I have been interested in the teaching thing for a while and not really sure how to pursue it so I was super excited to see the announcement on FB about the "Teach Crafts Like a Rock Star" come out.
One of the awesome instructors is having a giveaway, so if you are interested, you should sign up. You can't go wrong signing up early, they'll refund your money if you win.
Just thought I'd share (um and increase my chances to win...). I hope to see you there!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Set your Calendar....October 1st!

That is the date of the Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop. This will be my first official hop with the Vintage Heartfelt Designs DT and I'm SO EXCITED!!! There will be loads of prizes for you to win and some awesome inspiration! I can't wait.... so don't be late. Put this date on whatever form of calendar that you use...and get ready to hop, hop, hop!

Tweaked and mailed.

I tweaked the Mask I was working on for the LSH swap, and then sent it out.

I also worked on some holiday goodies for the godchildren. This is the first actual Tussie-Mussie I have made. I am hosting a swap at LSH for Thankful themed Tussie-Mussies and decided to make some Halloweeny ones for some special people.

Here is the video of me putting this one together:

Also, if you'd like to see the mask I received from the swap, I made an opening video:

Isn't that just wonderful. I'm definately going to be making some more masks myself and that one is SUPER inspiring!!!

Let me know what you think of my recent projects.

More to come,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exciting week, exciting news!

Ok, so this has been an exciting week at work, I am getting to work as a technician (animal nurse) and that is so exciting to me. I'm happy to be off work today because we have stuff to do around here, but there is an exciting case going on with a pet and I'm just dying to see how it turns out. Anyway... I have been crafting. Rather a lot as of late. I'm getting lots of swaps and things ready to go. I have been making flowers:
I had a little of this material left over and I made some flowers for an online friend who makes the cutest vids with her dh. She has the cutest blog as well where she sells awesome trims and charms...check it out.

I also got inspired to try my hand at paper piecing and have been practicing my copic skills. They aren't where I want them yet, but practice makes perfect, right?

I have another card that I could NOT get a decent pic of, but I'm gonna share it anyways because I think you get the gist, and I liked it...

Other than that I just cleared my messy table

Guess I should have taken an "after", huh?

Oh, and the MOST exciting thing, I was asked to join a design team!!! Can you believe it??? I am the newest member of Vintage Heartfelt Designs. So why don't you hop on over to that blog and give them a shoutout saying Charity sent you!
Thanks so much for all your support everyone!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor of Love

Ok, so I was working on swaps all weekend and we had some TERRIBLE rainy blah stuff yesterday so I don't have photos today but I did take a bad photo of the favorite thing I finished this weekend... are you ready for this:

Seriously, wish I could keep this, I added a couple of things after this photo and will take some better pics as soon as I get a chance, I want to show you everything!
Right now you need to have a great Tuesday after the Holiday...Crossing my own fingers!