Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ripple in still waters...

This was the song that we played at our wedding while we lighted the unity candle. Most people just thought it was a cute country song, loads of people there didn't listen to the Grateful Dead. They were more my band, but because of the way they experimented, it made them his band too.

Here are the lyrics (as told by Lyrics007)
If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music
Would you hold it near as it were your own?

It's a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken
Perhaps they're better left unsung
I don't know, don't really care
Let there be songs to fill the air


Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of men

There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone


You who choose to lead must follow
But if you fall you fall alone
If you should stand then who's to guide you?
If I knew the way I would take you home 

And here is why I am sharing this with you. Some of you already know, but loads of you lovely online friends don't. My husband, the man I wanted to share my whole life with finished his life three weeks ago yesterday. He shared his whole life with me and I wasn't ready for it to be over, I totally shut down for a few days, but I can't do that very long. I have an incredibly strong support system that is here for me and praying for me and lifting me up and helping me to live. 

I didn't understand why no one would let me be alone those first few days, until the first day I was alone. But I am ok. I am having good days as well as bad and that is ok too. I just wanted to share, because that's what I do. 

I would ask from each and everyone of you lovely readers to send up a prayer, not just for me, but the whole family. I can't imagine how it would feel to lose a grandchild or a son. Those are things I don't have. I have lost other people who I was close to: granparents, great aunts and uncles, an infant great nephew but this hurts more.