Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I made it in April

So I've been clearing out my older papers and things in my stash. I got that Sugar Chic Paper Pad and immediately decided I had to USE IT! I hate HATE when I buy pretty things and "save" them. I stopped just buying things that made me gasp over a year ago, and started only buying if I had a project in mind... because my stash was getting unmanageable. I purged a LOT before I moved last November, but when I found out that Scrapbooks Plus was having a yardsale, I took another long hard look at my supplies and tried to be very tough on myself as to what things I would actually use. I filled up two boxes with papers (pads that I've never taken a sheet out of, or pads that I bought with a friend, then split the papers 50/50 and then never used one sheet of in a project), mostly intact 6x6 pads that I made many cards with but no longer felt inspired to use those papers, sticker sheets that I never used, embellishments I've been hoarding or purchased a ton of when they were on sale that I got burnt out using. If I found my stash to shop through at the yardsale, I'd be so excited!!! Whole packages of Maya Road stuff!!!

While going through my stuff, I went through the drawer of premade stuff (like minis and alterable items) and picked out this one that I've been saving for a couple of years and decided it was time to shape up or ship out :)!

I LOVE tis cluster on the "front" of the photo holder (I don't even know what to call this, it's just an accordian mini in a box... guess I do know what to call it.)For a closer look, watch this video:

I was watching my weekly Glitter Girl fix here and it got me to thinking. When I was sorting my photos earlier this year, I stuck all my wedding photos together to scrap one day. Since I'm now widowed, I have a different perspective on these photos... So I'm wondering if any of  you have an opinion on how you'd scrap this stuff. Do you think you'd scrap from a happy memory place, do you think you'd just skip scrapping them and put them in an album?

( I already know what I want to do... I'll surprise you, I just wondered what you'd do.)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scrap Wrapping

I went to Scrapbooks Plus this past Saturday and FINALLY they had those AWESOMELY WONDERFUL Art Anthology sprays in stock. I got my four favorites that I had used in my class with Jen Starr

My favorite colors are : Glorious, Patience, Studio Blue and Honey Bee 
All of these colors are VIBRANT and delicious!!!

I have currently a roll of lovely delicious white wrapping paper. I bought this thinking that it would be different from having a roll of craft, and easier to color. I am also trying to use my stuff,  (as a side note I'm down to less than 2 inches of 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper) I remembered that I have some music paper already torn out and ready to go, so I decided to wrap a box in this decorated with my new sprays. I started by cutting a couple of heart shaped masks out of some scraps laying on my table and spraying a couple of hearts onto my music paper then some general drops and squirts of color. 

After I wrapped the box, I decided to make a paper bow with even more concentrated spray and then I used Rock Candy Stickles to bling up the bow.

I think this looks so sweet... who wouldn't want that (yes you can glimpse some washi on the side... I'm totally lazy).

I feel like I've been more productive so far this year than I ever have before... It feels fantastic. I hope you all are having a wonderful creative weekend! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Passing it along.

This past Sunday I went to a semi-regularly scheduled gameday at my friend Star's house. I had decorated these mini composition books and didn't know exactly what to do with them, so I did some quick calculations... there were going to be three mothers at the game day. And then decided I could wrap them up and give them as happies! I ripped some magazine pages from the recycle pile and taped them down with some confetti washi (here is where I'll admit that the washi was sitting out on the dining table and I have some scotch tape but didn't want to take the time to look for it.) Here is what my finished happies looked like :

I am continually amazed at how lovely the tiniest thing looks stuck inside a clear plastic bag and tied with a ribbon... don't these just look SO SPECIAL!!!

The awesome ladies I gave them to really seemed to like them and that is what it's all about, right?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

So I've been busy making things as usual. For Mother's Day this year, I was all set that I was going to make my Mom a card and send her a gift certificate, and then I tried to find a gift certificate without going to the actual place I wanted the gift certificate from (home depot). That turned out to be a fruitless search with tons of inspiration for a whole different gift project added! WOOT!

So I wound up buying a bunch of supplies
My mom is allergic to metal. She loves but cannot wear most costume jewelry. So when I walked by those lovely orange ceramic beads my brain went : NECKLACE!!!

I found some accent beads in the blue family and used some neutral colored spacers. I did not purchase a catch or clasp, I tied the ends of the natural hemp cord I used for stringing the beads together in a knot, and here are the results of my labors:

I then wore above necklace into work for a few minutes to see if anyone else thought it was pretty because I felt maybe I was a bit biased.

I think the smile on my face conveys how I feel about the necklace. I really hope my mom loves it... of course I didn't mail it the day I intended so hopefully she gets it by today!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scrap Scrapping

So I had a bit of a block this weekend. I have a ton of old pics that I want to be scrapped, but NO mojo to scrap them. So I did a little something I do when I have no mojo for a project that I WANT to complete but need something to kickstart. I pull out all my recent scraps and see what comes up... in this case I altered some mini composition books that I had lying around.

papers by Pink Paislee and Echo Park, Washi by My Mind's Eye, Stickers by October Afternoon, Kand Co and 7 Gypsies

papers by Heidi Swapp, Stickers by Studio Calico and 7 Gypsies and... Duck Tape

papers by Amy Tan/American Crafts and Cosmo Cricket, Sticker by K and Co, Tape by Duck Tape

I don't have a lot of Duck Tape, but I do have this awesome roll of black and I love it!

What happens to your tiny scraps?
How do you jump start your mojo?