Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

So I've been busy making things as usual. For Mother's Day this year, I was all set that I was going to make my Mom a card and send her a gift certificate, and then I tried to find a gift certificate without going to the actual place I wanted the gift certificate from (home depot). That turned out to be a fruitless search with tons of inspiration for a whole different gift project added! WOOT!

So I wound up buying a bunch of supplies
My mom is allergic to metal. She loves but cannot wear most costume jewelry. So when I walked by those lovely orange ceramic beads my brain went : NECKLACE!!!

I found some accent beads in the blue family and used some neutral colored spacers. I did not purchase a catch or clasp, I tied the ends of the natural hemp cord I used for stringing the beads together in a knot, and here are the results of my labors:

I then wore above necklace into work for a few minutes to see if anyone else thought it was pretty because I felt maybe I was a bit biased.

I think the smile on my face conveys how I feel about the necklace. I really hope my mom loves it... of course I didn't mail it the day I intended so hopefully she gets it by today!

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