Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scrap Wrapping

I went to Scrapbooks Plus this past Saturday and FINALLY they had those AWESOMELY WONDERFUL Art Anthology sprays in stock. I got my four favorites that I had used in my class with Jen Starr

My favorite colors are : Glorious, Patience, Studio Blue and Honey Bee 
All of these colors are VIBRANT and delicious!!!

I have currently a roll of lovely delicious white wrapping paper. I bought this thinking that it would be different from having a roll of craft, and easier to color. I am also trying to use my stuff,  (as a side note I'm down to less than 2 inches of 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper) I remembered that I have some music paper already torn out and ready to go, so I decided to wrap a box in this decorated with my new sprays. I started by cutting a couple of heart shaped masks out of some scraps laying on my table and spraying a couple of hearts onto my music paper then some general drops and squirts of color. 

After I wrapped the box, I decided to make a paper bow with even more concentrated spray and then I used Rock Candy Stickles to bling up the bow.

I think this looks so sweet... who wouldn't want that (yes you can glimpse some washi on the side... I'm totally lazy).

I feel like I've been more productive so far this year than I ever have before... It feels fantastic. I hope you all are having a wonderful creative weekend! 

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  1. oh how cute! I think I NEED some of these sprays... :)


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