Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween! How about a giveaway? I won the coolest thing and since I already had some, I'm gonna share!! Do you LOVE Glimmer Mist? Well one of the limited edition colors is Marshmallow and it is WHITE!! If you already love Glimmer Mist then you NEED this color in your collection. If you've never tried it, this is a FAB color to get started with.

In order to win, just comment on this post. I will choose a winner on November 1.

Thanks so much!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witch's Cupboard Charm Swap

In case you haven't noticed, I have had a little badge over to the right there for a charm swap I was participating in. No, I haven't made charms before, but it sounded right up my alley so I decided to give it a go. I was very happy with the charms I made and SUPER happy with the ones made by everyone else. The rules were to make a charm you'd like to receive so I did...and Michelle (who hosted the swap) had FAB photos of the charms you can view by clicking here I actually have a lot going on this weekend. A wedding shower as well as a horsing even I promised to help with (I'm actually exited about this!! Sunshine, fresh air and HORSES!!!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Check out this new site!

Just thought I'd let you know about this new website. I used to visit her blog and now she's got a dotcom! There's a new badge on the sidebar for Above Rubies Studio. Fellow Fiskateer that loves her Cricut and uses SureCutsALot software along with cartridges. She's doing massive giveaways right now so go on over and check it out!! Oh yes, and for the first prize...check out this link if you've ever been interested in a kit club...It's Scraptacular has probably the best kits for the money out there...they also have some on sale right now so you can try them out....WHAT A DEAL!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad News and Good News!

Wow!! What a week. Last week was uber busy and so great! I got to go to my friend Pam's house to scrapbook with a few others on Saturday after work and WOOT! She had the greatest setup. You picked your halloween hat and scrap table (yes she had individual tables set up for us) and then she had her marvelous niece Lauren draw "hats" for goodie bags and they were fab!! We each got stickers, alphas, alterable items and some cute halloweeny foam frames as well as a little album and a daisyd's xmas paper pad!! How awesome is she!!! There was also FOOD...yummy, fun halloweeny food and cupcakes and she made dirty rice for dinner and it was SCRUMTIOUS!!! Lauren also took orders for whatever we wanted cut out of Pam's Cricut. Now I have to say that last fall I did a lot of looking into what cutter I wanted before I chose the Slice. I love my Slice, but I think now I have Cricut envy!!! LOL!! Then of course before we left Theresa and I played with the Cricut ourselves. I think T is going to buy herself one this week LOL! Anywhoo, all was great Saturday and then SUNDAY came and I woke up with whatever icky virus DH had last week. UGH. I have actually been awake almost all day today and that in itself is a miracle. I went to the Dr. yesterday who told me nothing of use except to confirm that I have "some kind" of virus and that I apparently know enough to keep myself from getting dehydrated. DUH! (sorry, just felt like I wasted a trip to the dr.) Oh well, I obviously feel better today, I have even kept a little food down...YAY! I want you all to check out Pinky's post here prizes are available to you, me and her. Have fun everyone...and if you think you got sick because of me... I'm really sorry.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This retrospect.

This has been a really, really busy week. Worked Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm. Took care of DH who was SO SICK...poor man!!! He finally regained wakfulness and the ability to eat solid food back on Thursday and then needed relief from cabin fever yesterday so I was supposed to wake him by 8am so we could spend the day together. Sometimes this doesn't work out as well as is planned though. I woke up to let Kayla out at 5am like normal and then laid down on the couch. Usually when I do this I then sleep one to two hours max...well at 11am I woke up to A asking me what was wrong...yes I slept until 11am. I haven't done that in forever...oh well, he got me hooked on Fringe is all I can say and I'm trying to watch all available episodes as quickly as possible...he saw 10 while he was sick and so far I've watched nine LOL! Anyway I woke up and then we went out...saw Zombieland.

For anyone who hasn't seen it....I love this movie.
It is hilarious.
Not AS funny as Sean of the Dead but funny none the less. Not everyone likes so much humor with their zombies but I lOVE IT!!

Going to work 7-2 today and then off to Pam's for some scrappy fun...

Friday, October 16, 2009


Ok, so generated counting down from the top... Congrats to Lesa!!! Your stamps will leave Memphis on Saturday!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Columbus Updates...

My grand total donation to St. Jude through Eclectica was: $50.00. Thank you so much fellow contributors, it should make you feel awesome to know you contributed to the health of so many sick children!!! Also I didn't get home before dark yesterday (I went to exercise...aren't you proud of me?) so no pics of my ATCs. This brings me to a simultaneously sad and funny thing...apparently I dropped my Legend ATC into someone else's envelope. Kaytee sent in a couple extra and since I was trying to be totally fair...I turned all of the ATC's face down and then dealt them out like cards, picked them up and looked through them to make sure there was a card from everyone. Dropped the extra ATC (we were supposed to have seven swappers but one dropped out) in the envelope of the maker, and sealed them. Mine were in a pile on the dining room table for my DH to admire (I had been keeping them in their respective envelopes for safety LOL). Anyway when I got home from work last night, DH was telling me how cool they were (except mine were not as cool...really apparently if I "host" a swap I lose my mojo or the thing I try to create doesn't come out as well as if I participate....kind of like when I try to cook for my in-laws). So we're looking at them and talking about how awesome they are and I ask him where the Legend card is...he says he hasn't seen one. So you may have an extra Legend card in your envelope. If you do, could you let me know. Really, these are the ones had trouble with. They were all so creative and I liked different ones for different reasons and there were extra so I was tempted to beg Kaytee for an additional one LOL! The one that wound up in my pile was the one she made using the movie poster...but I wanted one of the fairies too because that's my own personal thing. And I loved the Tim Curry Devil one because I LOVE TIM CURRY! (not in the sense that I would marry him or anything, just that he gets my motor running LOL) I hope that if you didn't have to work, or even if you did that you had a nice Columbus Day. DH has turned out to be really sick and I'm worried about him, but I did go get lots of meds and we already had soup and 7-up in the house from when I was ill a couple of weeks ago. I'm not surprised because he works in a basement computer room downtown and sickness including H1N1 (see I didn't say Swine Flu HAHA) has been rampant in the building and there's no way to get around using keyboards/phones that have germs...don't get me started on the germs...I'll start getting freaky!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

If you were waiting...

Ok, Sci-Fi/Fantasy ATC swappers, I have finally gotten everything sealed in it's envelope (sorry, I didn't get the last ones until late and then, life was happening). Anyway, they go in the mail TOMORROW 10/12. I have lots of stuff to get in the mail tomorrow. I can't wait for you to see what everyone did. If we get some sun, or I can somehow get good pics tomorrow I will try to post them...I should have taken pics today, it didn't rain today. Anyway, I'm gonna get them in the mail. They are AMAZING!!! I don't know how other people swap out, but I guessed the only fair way to do it (some of them aren't identical) was to turn them face down and deal them out. We had one member forget to do hers so you're all getting an extra back. ( note to Kaytee, I kept putting an additional one in my pile and deciding it wasn't fair to just keep the one I dealt myself LOL!...did you know you did two extra?) Anyway THANK YOU so much for playing...I wanna do this again.

My first RAK!!!

So I've been very fortunate the last few months, and won lots of stuff from entering on various blogs and message boards. I found this stamp set at Michaels today and grabbed it could be a RAK!! Yep...just for you. Make a comment and I'll do the drawing on Thursday, October 15th. That way you can get it (hopefully) in time for any last minute treatbag stamping, use it on your Halloweeny LO's or make a card in time to treat someone special. I'm not gonna make you become a follower, thanks just for coming by. I'd love it if you came back more often. I do not have this particular stamp set myself, but I do have two others that I found earlier this year and I've already used them to make ATC's and I LOVE these stamps!! So good luck everyone!!! If you are a fiskateer, post your fiskateer number with your post! TFL!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reminder about St. Jude

Just to remind you all that this weekend is the YEARLY EVENT at my fav lss Eclectica which is the Crop for St. Jude. I am currently accepting donations that will go along with other funds people are taking to Eclectica to go to St. Jude. The size of the donation does not matter, go count the change in your car's cupholder and click on the link. Thank you so much!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sci Fi ATC Swap Update

Hi All! I finally received everyone's ATCs and will try to post them on Monday. Would have done them this weekend but was down with a horrible virus...(literally spent a whole day lying in the floor next to the toilet because that was as far as I dared pitiful HUH?).

Anyways you gals did a FANTASTIC job...can't wait for you all to see them!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday Faves 10/02/09

Okay, so I've been a slacker on the Friday Faves thing...shoot me. Life has been really, really busy here lately and well, there's been a shortage of folks showing up to work so those of us who have been are so tired, we are getting run down and in danger of illness.
Went cropping at Eclectica last Saturday for Scrap Pink and LOVED IT! My faves this week are:
1. Making Memories Spook Alley: I love LOVE love this line!! I won the mini book kit and haven't actually put it together yet, but I also got the embellishment package and the decorative pins that match. I need a couple more sheets of paper to go in the book and then I'll be all set. The book is for THIS year's spooky activities.

2. My Glue Glider Pro. I finally broke down and got this puppy and am SO happy!! It's as easy to use as my Kuyoko was and so cute to boot!

3. Being part of a Circle Journal. I love the journal I sent out in the group with Gauche Alchemy and am really proud of the page I contributed to Stephanie's.
I can't wait to get the next one. I hear it should be at my house in a couple of days.

This is the page I did for Stephanie's Travel Themed Circle Journal.

This is what I did for my Fairy (of course!) themed Circle Jornal. I'd show you the cover, but I didn't decorate it because I was afraid that after being tossed around by postmen that it would be coming apart. I won't get my journal back until next year. ( there are eleven of us participating and we each have the jornal for a month.)
4. Winning. I have to admit with all that has gone wrong lately, it has been FABULOUS to win some RAKs and challenges at the Fiskateer crops. I got a HUGE prize package in the mail today from the C&T publishing blog. I have calmed down on the entering as I need to get together a RAK myself. I have been feeling uber special lately and I think it's time to share the love.

5. Secret Sisters...I have two. One at Eclectica (and my sister has been so talented and GENEROUS so far) and one at Fiskateers. Both of these are first fiskasister package went in the mail today (this one is just for Oct/Nov). I so hope they both like what I made/sent them!!!