Friday, October 16, 2009


Ok, so generated counting down from the top... Congrats to Lesa!!! Your stamps will leave Memphis on Saturday!!!


  1. Congrats Lesa! You deserve it girl!

    Hey Charity! I have my own blog now! I'd appreciate if you became a follower!


  2. I know I'm very, very late commenting on this post BUT I got the stamps!!!!!! They are too cute and I am over the top thrilled to have them. I love Halloween and these cuties are adorable! I don't pick up many PP's for Halloween so the stamps are loved and are already treasured.
    We had a block party early evening with trick or treating until 8 pm. It's great to know when to turn the light off for the children in the neighborhood!
    Happy Halloween, guys, and thank you, Charity!


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