Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Columbus Updates...

My grand total donation to St. Jude through Eclectica was: $50.00. Thank you so much fellow contributors, it should make you feel awesome to know you contributed to the health of so many sick children!!! Also I didn't get home before dark yesterday (I went to exercise...aren't you proud of me?) so no pics of my ATCs. This brings me to a simultaneously sad and funny thing...apparently I dropped my Legend ATC into someone else's envelope. Kaytee sent in a couple extra and since I was trying to be totally fair...I turned all of the ATC's face down and then dealt them out like cards, picked them up and looked through them to make sure there was a card from everyone. Dropped the extra ATC (we were supposed to have seven swappers but one dropped out) in the envelope of the maker, and sealed them. Mine were in a pile on the dining room table for my DH to admire (I had been keeping them in their respective envelopes for safety LOL). Anyway when I got home from work last night, DH was telling me how cool they were (except mine were not as cool...really apparently if I "host" a swap I lose my mojo or the thing I try to create doesn't come out as well as if I participate....kind of like when I try to cook for my in-laws). So we're looking at them and talking about how awesome they are and I ask him where the Legend card is...he says he hasn't seen one. So you may have an extra Legend card in your envelope. If you do, could you let me know. Really, these are the ones had trouble with. They were all so creative and I liked different ones for different reasons and there were extra so I was tempted to beg Kaytee for an additional one LOL! The one that wound up in my pile was the one she made using the movie poster...but I wanted one of the fairies too because that's my own personal thing. And I loved the Tim Curry Devil one because I LOVE TIM CURRY! (not in the sense that I would marry him or anything, just that he gets my motor running LOL) I hope that if you didn't have to work, or even if you did that you had a nice Columbus Day. DH has turned out to be really sick and I'm worried about him, but I did go get lots of meds and we already had soup and 7-up in the house from when I was ill a couple of weeks ago. I'm not surprised because he works in a basement computer room downtown and sickness including H1N1 (see I didn't say Swine Flu HAHA) has been rampant in the building and there's no way to get around using keyboards/phones that have germs...don't get me started on the germs...I'll start getting freaky!


  1. Awwwww! Thanks for saying such nice things about my ATCs!!! The fairy ones were my favorite to make because hey were sparkly and girly! I can't wait to see all the others. If no one fesses up to having the extra one, let me know andI will make another!

  2. I got my ATCs today and they are all so awesome!!! And guess what? There were a few extra Legend cards in my envelope!! LOL So I am sending them back to you!!! And don't worry, it won't take as long as before. I get paid on Thursday and I will ship them right out!! Thanks so much!!!


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