Saturday, October 17, 2009

This retrospect.

This has been a really, really busy week. Worked Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm. Took care of DH who was SO SICK...poor man!!! He finally regained wakfulness and the ability to eat solid food back on Thursday and then needed relief from cabin fever yesterday so I was supposed to wake him by 8am so we could spend the day together. Sometimes this doesn't work out as well as is planned though. I woke up to let Kayla out at 5am like normal and then laid down on the couch. Usually when I do this I then sleep one to two hours max...well at 11am I woke up to A asking me what was wrong...yes I slept until 11am. I haven't done that in forever...oh well, he got me hooked on Fringe is all I can say and I'm trying to watch all available episodes as quickly as possible...he saw 10 while he was sick and so far I've watched nine LOL! Anyway I woke up and then we went out...saw Zombieland.

For anyone who hasn't seen it....I love this movie.
It is hilarious.
Not AS funny as Sean of the Dead but funny none the less. Not everyone likes so much humor with their zombies but I lOVE IT!!

Going to work 7-2 today and then off to Pam's for some scrappy fun...

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  1. Glad A feels better. Josh watches Fringe and I have seen a few, they are pretty good. Hope you have a great weekend. Going to try to go to the fall festival today if Lana feels up to it.


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