Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween part 2 of 2 :)

So here is the list of items I made for just the Halloween season of 2013:

1. A wreath for the door.
2. Some tags.
3. 3 Halloween Treat bags.
4. A mini album.

I sneaked a peek of this mini on my facebook page. I LOVE this paper pad and I'm so trying to use it up so I can get some more Halloweeny stuff. The paperpad that I have and surprisingly don't use is the original Tim Holtz Halloween pad... I have actually started using the backsides of these for the lovely kraft color and weight. Anyway here is the awesome mini (I think it's awesome, it's really flat on the inside so it can close after it gets some photos...

Thanks so much for looking!

And for a closer look, here's the video (be sure to like and subscribe on the youtube):

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween part I of 2 ;)

So this Halloween I am living in the NOVA (northern Virginia)/ DC area and not in Memphis. The last several years Halloween has been the biggest holiday that was celebrated at my own personal house (well maybe not so much last year, but I did go out and do Halloweeny stuff). I've been missing my friends in the deep south and made up some goody bags for my godchildren. I meant to mail them earlier, but oh well, they should get them on Halloween and that's good ;).

Here are the bags (I only photoed the cute parts):

All of the supplies came from my overflowing Iris container of Halloween yumminess... I am trying to make more space in there because I'm trying not to add Halloween stuff anywhere else... I didn't buy anything new so far this year for the box because I could barely close it ;).  I love how the bags turned out. All of the alphas were different colors and I used paint and stickles to alter them to my liking. That giant white spider was just that, but I have a small stash of spider rings still in the stash to cut the bugs off of and use in projects. I do have a post with a video ready to go on Thursday so stay tuned! Hugs and I hope you enjoy some awesome Halloween/Fall festivities this week. We are having a pumpkin contest at work on Thursday and I'm still trying to decide what to carve into my pumpkin ;).

OOOOO Also I started Acupuncture this week for my horrible allergy and sinus issues.... it was weird but I'll save that for another post I just wanted to say I give it two thumbs up so far. 

Until Thursday!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I didn't know then (another page of "hard stuff")

I had some hard (and when I say hard I mean I had some emotional stuff that was trying to claw it's way out of my insides and I had to let it out so the words on the page may be hard to understand, unpleasant to read, etc...) stuff to scrap and I had been wanting some new papers and stuff to get my creative juices flowing. I found this kit club through google by just plugging in scrapbook kit clubs... it's Scrapbook Circle. The October Kit is called So Happy Together and it is just yummy! I was so excited to make something with this kit that I printed and scrapped a photo that I took in 2011 about a month before my late husband (God rest his soul) took his life. It's not as chunky and embellished as I normally do, but the soft color of the paper just lent itself to getting my emotional baggage out. It's weird. I can think and decide how I feel but unless I actually do something that counts as releasing (apparently that's actually scrapping or blogging in my therapy blog) it just sits and festers. I love that I got the emotions out. That I was able to release them. I do love that picture and I'm glad it now has a home in my scrapbook.

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 2013 HAUL from Scrapbooks Plus YARDSALE!

My awesome local scrapbook store, Scrapbooks Plus, had a yardsale this weekend. I got some WONDERFUL things at a BARGAIN!! Also they had a special going where if you were there the first hour the yardsale was in progress you received a golden ticket worth 25% off your in store purchases for that day. So I got a ton of stuff at the sale and then put that stuff in my car and went shopping in the store. I am so excited to share my bargains with you!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Card that'll make you roar!

This card was all about the adorable chalkboard look that's going on lately. I made the card base out of a scrap of Glitz paper then cut a piece of blue Glitz Design paper I used stamps from Lawn Fawn's Critter's Ever After set, I stamped the images and the sentiment in Unicorn ink by Hero Arts. I double matted my stamped image then affixed it to the card, splattered some Gold Lame Color Shine because I think it needed some droplets. The "washi tape" is actually some leftovers of the fab rips I used in my album a couple of posts ago. All the paper is leftover from that little album from this post. This card is packed into a box with the little album and I hope it makes my friend smile!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I had a good and crafty time this past weekend (and this week) and I made a little book! I dug into my stash and used a goodly amount of GLITZ designs which I adore and don't get enough of ;). They have specials over at their site... here's a link.

Don't forget to let me know what you think, or like and sub over at youtube. Thanks so much everyone and have a great day!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finally... I got it to work :)!

I did this post back in September and was really frustrated because I had filmed the whole process of getting to this card. Then I had trouble getting my video to the youtube, but I kept it so finally here it is:

Thanks for hanging in there with me... and don't laugh too hard that I regroup halfway through :)!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

September Sprinkles Craftbox!!!

I got a Sprinkles Craft box in September and let me tell you, with the price set at 10.00 including shipping, it's a bargain! I filmed a video of the haul (and there is a bird included for your amusement, poop warning!). I'm so excited about the Webster's Pages/ October Afternoon joining forces, can't wait to see more goodness from them!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's up with my BFF Google?

It's not a secret that I call google my BFF, always has my back, and I can get awesome tips and tricks and videos from him. But lately we've been experiencing a few growing pains, the Google and myself. It all started when youtube kept asking me to link up to my google+ account. I wasn't ready for that, it felt weird so I kept saying no until I accidentally created a new g+ for my youtube. So now I can't just upload videos from my phone to the youtube account that I want because I haven't figured it out. I did find out that I can't go back in time barring having my own Tardis or ability to walk through some singing stones (anyone out there reading outlander books?). So I've been struggling with what to do with some videos I shot and have been having trouble uploading (I'm not really a computer expert). I like taking vids on my phone and they used to go straight to youtube, now I'm trying other things to get them there. I'll let you know when something works. Other than that I finished an elaborate mini for my trip to the ren faire, finally figured out how to use PSE to make my photos the size I want them and now I just need to print the ones I want and stick them in. I haven't made anything awesome lately, but I have done some scrapworthy things. I'll be sharing them as soon as I can, meanwhile I'm going back to work on uploading those vids. Ok, so today I tried uploading to dropbox and then pulling them over to youtube, it seems to be working, here is my Lawn Fawn haul from September.