Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween part I of 2 ;)

So this Halloween I am living in the NOVA (northern Virginia)/ DC area and not in Memphis. The last several years Halloween has been the biggest holiday that was celebrated at my own personal house (well maybe not so much last year, but I did go out and do Halloweeny stuff). I've been missing my friends in the deep south and made up some goody bags for my godchildren. I meant to mail them earlier, but oh well, they should get them on Halloween and that's good ;).

Here are the bags (I only photoed the cute parts):

All of the supplies came from my overflowing Iris container of Halloween yumminess... I am trying to make more space in there because I'm trying not to add Halloween stuff anywhere else... I didn't buy anything new so far this year for the box because I could barely close it ;).  I love how the bags turned out. All of the alphas were different colors and I used paint and stickles to alter them to my liking. That giant white spider was just that, but I have a small stash of spider rings still in the stash to cut the bugs off of and use in projects. I do have a post with a video ready to go on Thursday so stay tuned! Hugs and I hope you enjoy some awesome Halloween/Fall festivities this week. We are having a pumpkin contest at work on Thursday and I'm still trying to decide what to carve into my pumpkin ;).

OOOOO Also I started Acupuncture this week for my horrible allergy and sinus issues.... it was weird but I'll save that for another post I just wanted to say I give it two thumbs up so far. 

Until Thursday!


  1. Cute little bag parts, miss seeing you sweet Charity.

  2. too cute! ... minus the spooky spider! Your friends in the South miss you too! xoxo-Christine


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