Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Faves 06/26/09

Ok, so there aren't going to be too many photos today because I've been working with photoshop but am not proficient enough to have lots to show...yet! LOL

1. My new Macbook Pro...I know we just got an iMac, but that's really for DH. This one is mostly for me and my scrappy self!
2. Having the answer for Mac or PC...
the answer is Mac!
3. Newfound confidence in myself and the dige/tech world.
4. Widgets. (Have my 2009 Sec schedule on my dashboard already.)
5. Learning to use photoshop... thanks to Jenni Bosivert at Bad Girls!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary to...

Today we celebrate being married for 13 years. Hard to believe that much time has gone by (ok, some days it's hard to believe that it's only that long LOL). This is not to boast or brag...just wanted to say it to the world ( the WORLD is following me...). I know that some, even some married people don't believe in soulmates. I also know that some don't believe in love at first sight. I can honestly say from the moment I met A that I knew he was special. I didn't know then that I loved him like I do, but I will say there was a "something" that drew me to him. He became my best friend almost immediately (wether he liked it or not) and we soon became practically inseperable at college. Not a day goes by that I am not happy and proud to be his wife. I always hope that I make him proud of me in all that I do. As I work towards my first scrappy anniversary I marvel at the support he gives to me for my hobby. Time has been a super precious commodity for us for our whole marriage as almost from the start we have had opposite work schedules. The years he went to school as well as worked full time were the hardest in my life because nothing I could do could help him with his insomnia. I was never awake or around at the same time to be there for him. It was the hardest thing we have ever gone through as a couple (so far anyway, as far as being a strain on our marriage). In the end it was so worth it... and I'd do it again any day. He has talked about going back to further his education and I encourage him with all that I am because I know it will only be better for us.

How do you tell someone how much they mean to you? I try to show him in every way that I can. He shows me as well.

When we first started going out he told me he wasn't a flower sending guy. When he does do it, it is always the sweetest surprize and SO SWEET! It's for the little things and days I can truly use a lift. When I need to rant about a day at work or a row with a friend... I just tell him I need him to listen and he does without interrupting or questioning. If I walk up to him and ask for a hug, he just gives it freely. He adores our pets as much as I do. He puts up with all my paranoid questioning about looking fat and crazy obsessions with my mono eyebrow and stray chin hairs which he claims he doesn't see. He respects my opinions even when they don't agree with his. He never gets mad when I have mood swings.He will watch a chick flick with me if I ask. He shares his comics with me. He supports and listens through any family related upset I experience.

But the greatest of these is love. (I Corinthians 13:3)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Faves 06/19/09

Ok, so now that we have a MAC I can post photos from last week...which carry over into this week as my faves!

1. The Tinkerbell dress I made for Lana...gosh it's been so long since I sewed anything.

2. The days at the pool with the kids.

3. Seeing Josh and Ang having fun.

4.Sleeping until noon for the first time in forever (ok, that was today and there is no photo, but it was AWESOME).

5. Our iMac...I love it so!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creative Love...tough week.

So I finally got my photos onto iphoto and thus onto the Mac. For the first time in my life I feel so competent sitting in front of a computer and I KNOW WHY. The Mac responds the way I think it surprises so far. But I digress...that's not what you want to hear about. On June 8th, Ang and I went to Archiver's to take a class that was taught by one of the really creative ladies who works there named Pam. She is so sweet and really fun...she taught us to make explosion boxes. This class was totally free (unless you bought paper or tools there that night-like us). I used all My Minds Eye paper and still haven't gotten photos to apply yet, but think I might do that this week. I'll keep you posted.

My Explosion Box...naked:
Ang's Explosion Box:

Also the business card holders:



More photos to come as I also have some kids crafts and LO's to share, but it's after six am and time for me to go to work!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ok, so if you were checking, they hadn't posted the business card holders until today, but they are there now so please go and vote for your favortie: Eclectica

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Proud MAC family...

Well, we went ahead and did it...this is my first post from a mac...gotta go farm crops miss me! YAY imac!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Faves 06/12/09

What a week it's been! Started out nice... as I was taking the rest of my vacation time from last year before I "lost" it. My friends Josh and Angie were bringing up the godchildren (Brandon and Lana) and I was all set for the greatest week ever.
We have had a really, really good week! The kids have been good. The pool has been cool. Josh has been really well! Brandon found out all about our plans to take him to six flags in July. These things were all good, but I guess everyone is due their bad times too...

These things all happening in one week are actually kind of funny, and will be better as soon as the regular pc is back up and running.

(insert drumroll here:)
1. Allen's car "broke down" --the back brakes had a leak to the extent they were crystallizing on! This was the first car in the shop this week. Sorry no pics...will follow when pc is back :)

2. The Ballard's car was some electrical part in the steering is SUPPOSED to be ready today.

3. It was possibly ready yesterday after the part got there at 1pm...the part never came.

4. The first part came this morning and was faulty from the factory...part number two has arrived.

5. The main pc in our stuck in a vicious but apparently common update loop courtesy of Vista...THANK YOU MICROSOFT! I mean, my pc is my tv, radio, entertainment... scrappy inspiration and happy place. I am so sad :( .

The good news is I've done some really cute pages, got asked to do a three examples from one kit courtesy of Eclectica (insert big WOO HOO here) and have really enjoyed spending time with the family.

Praise the Lord that we are all in good health and nothing more serious has happened. I hope everyone out there is well and doing fine.

*** they are having a business card holder decorating contest at click on a link and vote on your could make Ang or myself a winner...go vote now (lol) I need some good news!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Faves 06/05/09

This has been a busy, busy week!! We have some company coming to stay with us next week and so we've been trying to get the house in order. Ok well really it's mostly the scraproom/guestroom in order and really just poking around in their is so motivating to me it always winds up messier than when I started. On with the faves.

1. Becoming a fiskateer. I think that this wonderful community is going to help me take my passion to new heights!

2. Starbuck's Orange Mango Banana Vivanno. After making FIVE unsuccessful trips to my formerly favorite Starbuck's I was FINALLY able to score my favorite drink that is both DELICIOUS and good for my blood pressure.

3. New In Town. If you haven't seen this movie and enjoy a chick flick at and grab up this DVD. I laughed so loud at the movie theatre my scrappy friend thought she was going to have to take me to the hospital (LOL). Also another friend told me that the DVD has a nice little featurette about scrapbooking.

4.We have some company coming...can't wait to play with the kids!!!

5. My farmtown ATC! After trying to explain what an ATC was, I just made an extra that I was getting ready for the BG swap and gave it to M.E.. She came back later the SAME DAY with this little FARMTOWN themed ATC...the pig and corn she made out of sculpy...SO CUTE!! We play Farmtown all the time (in case there's anyone who doesn't's this time wasting game on Facebook that all the "cool kids" are into...LOL). I'll try to get better pics later...have had lots of cloudy days and I was desperate to put a pic up. I think this is about 10 times better than the one I gave her but SO GLAD to have gotten that first crucial swap out of the way!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Graduation Time.

So I know lots of people a focusing on high school and college graduation right now. I have a niece who will graduate June 8th in Lexington, NC myself. I am so excited about this next venture in life she is getting ready to embark upon...COLLEGE! I just hope my dear brother and his family are going to be able to adjust to all the changes they are about to make. Moving from SC back to Kingsport, TN (they left Kingsport YEARS ago). And just one month later, their oldest will be heading off to Auburn, AL to go to school. Closer to grandparents, but it's a little far to spend weekends at home. I went to a crop this past weekend, and my theme for this crop was my own graduation from high school. This first LO shows me posing with my "bubba". This day was extra special for me as it was also my 18th birthday. SO BITTERSWEET!!! I remember I kept trying to just S L O W D O WN and was almost late to walk in my cap and gown because I didn't want high school to be over. I have two other LOs that just need a little primping before they're ready for a photo shoot, and I'll try to finish those this evening. TFL!