Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Graduation Time.

So I know lots of people a focusing on high school and college graduation right now. I have a niece who will graduate June 8th in Lexington, NC myself. I am so excited about this next venture in life she is getting ready to embark upon...COLLEGE! I just hope my dear brother and his family are going to be able to adjust to all the changes they are about to make. Moving from SC back to Kingsport, TN (they left Kingsport YEARS ago). And just one month later, their oldest will be heading off to Auburn, AL to go to school. Closer to grandparents, but it's a little far to spend weekends at home. I went to a crop this past weekend, and my theme for this crop was my own graduation from high school. This first LO shows me posing with my "bubba". This day was extra special for me as it was also my 18th birthday. SO BITTERSWEET!!! I remember I kept trying to just S L O W D O WN and was almost late to walk in my cap and gown because I didn't want high school to be over. I have two other LOs that just need a little primping before they're ready for a photo shoot, and I'll try to finish those this evening. TFL!


  1. Very good. What a great moment always.

  2. Beautiful layout! I loved high school also and was not really ready to face the "real" world!

  3. I still remember that--being worried about you and wondering if you'd get to graduation on time! David and I kept looking out for you. And every year I think of your birthday whenever I think about when we graduated. Scary to think how many years it's been now... Happy belated birthday, by the way. It was on my calendar to send you a card, but then I wasn't home that week to see my calendar. Figures!


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