Monday, June 27, 2011

Life at the YouTube

I think it's really funny how terrified of technology I used to be. I was scared to mess with pretty much anything that wasn't just searching the internet until I found scrapbooking. It all started with my first membership to a kit club that had me spending hours on the forum making friends and trying to read every single post. It seems funny now that I desperately tried to read each and every one even if it didn't apply to me, or I wasn't playing the game for that section or whatever.
Now the internet is like a second home, full of wonderful people. I have this blog (and have had it for quite a while), I have dabbled in digi and I have my YouTube channel which seems to get all the attention lately.
It's funny but if you'd asked me just a few years ago I would have told you that you were crazy if you suggested that I'd be on Facebook (along with my parents) and filming YouTube videos of my crafting (not too crazy about my own voice when it's recorded, but I'm getting over that, the vids are super easy). I also wouldn't have thought I would have been able to master the editing or posting of a video. Go figure.
I have recently passed my own 100 subbies at YouTube and it was a very exciting time! It DOES seem to be a tradition that you have a giveaway at this milestone and I'd have to say I felt wonderful about mine. I just made my first response video today to let people know about another crafty soul who's almost at 100. I'm going to share it with you because I think she is SO talented.

I know she's going to make REALLY soon because as I subscribed she only needed two more to get there. I don't always post my vids here because I'm not sure how you all feel about them and so if I don't have anything to say I haven't really been letting you know.
Would you give me your opinion on that...would you like every vid posted here so you don't have to sub at yt. I know some people aren't into subbing at yt (I used to be of that ilk LOL!)

Have a great day everyone... off to work now!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Youtube Layout Hop!

I am so excited to be participating in a youtube hop hosted by Limor and Zoe. Thanks to the wonderful sponsor: Scrap-a-Lot there is an awesome prize to be had. The youtube hop works exactly like a blog hop, you just go to each video participating and comment on each and every one. I haven't gotten a chance to do detailed photos because I filmed last night and woke up to cloudy skies, hopefully this afternoon I'll be able to take some. My layout is simple and sweet (um, even if I do say so myself). As I haven't done a lot of layouts for YT, I thought I'd go through the putting it all together process for you. Also I finally got some good photos from my printer by printing directly from IPHOTO! YAY!

Ok, Tim Coffey has spot number one so I'll link you there, and then go ahead and put my vid below, but I am next to last so follow the link from Tim's video, ok.

Tim Coffey (I KNOW, why is it all the cool guy scrapbookers are named Tim), love his technique videos, definately subscribe to him and check out his other work!

And now:

Don't forget to visit everyone's videos to be entered to win. Scrap-A-Lot has awesome kits and other wonderful goodies for sale so please go check them out...sponsors ROCK!!
Thanks again to Zoe and Limor for hosting and allowing me to participate!
Hugs everyone!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I finally found it!

So I've been taking ALL my photos lately with my phone, and it's been bothering me mostly because this has been happening because of batteries. I am not the world's best recycler, but I LOVE rechargeable batteries. I like that it means I alway have batteries and the ones I get last a long time. But ever since we got home from Chattanooga, (I know, it HAS been a while) I just couldn't find the safe place I had hidden my charger for them. Yesterday I remembered that I hadn't checked the laptop bag (where I stored all the electronic stuff, duh) and there it was... so (holding up my right hand here). After I finish posted the vids that I have shot that need editing, I'm going to try and make sure to take some nice stills of projects for my lovely blog followers. Thanks so much for being patient with the fact that a grown woman can't keep up with a battery charger and was being too chintzy to just go get a new one.  I'm going to Mt. Juliet, TN on Sunday to watch my nephew play baseball with my big brother. I'm so excited. Chris lives maybe 8-9 hours away from me and that puts him at just a couple of hours which is something I can easily manage on my own. It also works great because even though I was invited to ride with a friend to the town where he lives, I didn't feel right about taking off work on a week where I am going to be off an extra day anyway for a food seminar. (Dog food that is.) And after I said I wouldn't be able to go, I find out he wouldn't have been home anyway. I DO wish I could go see Dad but driving over that way has just gotten to be too much to be a one day trip. This is the longest it's ever been since I've visited Alabama.
It feels really, really weird not to have been there since Christmas. I'm having a lot of guilt, but I just have not had the time.
I'm gonna go there as soon as I can...meanwhile I think I need to stop the rambling, it seems to be getting out of hand.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Evening bag swap

I am loving the swaps over at LSH (read! My most recent swap that I have finished is the Evening Bag Swap. Cynthia who hosted the swap made a template for us to use to make our bags and then we were to fill them with goodies for our partner. I made a couple of the goodies and here's a look at the bag:

And here is the video where I show you the bag and homemade goodies. Enjoy:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amazing week!

Last week was my birthday week. It was a great time and so full of surprises!

This was my awesome gift from DH! He had asked me for some ideas and this was the one I was convinced was not going to happen. I put the stipulation on the Stampmaker that if he wanted to get that for me for him to PLEASE support my favorite local store: ECLECTICA
I told him it would be a special order for them and that of course they would not tell me that he had ordered it. It was FANTASTIC!! I had given my scrappy BFF a huge list of stuff I would like to have and then had to choose all my purchases carefully after I gave out that list. It was so funny because I'd think, well if I already knew I wasn't going to get that, I'd buy it...LOL
I got some awesome vintage buttons and trinkets from MME, some of the New Tim Holtz Distress Stains (or as I lovingly call them, I got some Bingo Dabbers), and a giftcard (you can find all these things at my lovely LSS. They also carry SMASH!! 
Those Smash books are so cool! I gifted two of them this week. One to a friend of mine who is a fully grown lady with a child...and the other to my godson (so he could have an activity of creativity...he's 11). They both LOVED THEM! I love them too, but I purchased the last two that Eclectica got in their first shipment. They had already reordered when I talked to them last LOL! Wow and they are such a great price point. I think they are perfect little books for everyone...boys and girls.
Ok folks, I forgot to mention the most exciting part. Tuesday, May 31st we bought our first ever BRAND NEW CAR!!
Currently working on a name and need another photo or two for the LO but I LOVE IT!!!
I think this car is just so me and I couldn't be happier. DH loves it as well.
Oh, and I'm having a giveaway over at my youtube channel...have you gotten ahold of the elusive Tattered Time paperstack?

Also I had promised someone that I'd do a tutorial on my roses so here's the vid for that as well:

And another awesome DCWV Stack I found at Joanns:

There are more recent projects at youtube than are posted here right now. It's just been easier they way my work schedule has been to shoot a quick vid and ul it that way. Ok, time for me to throw on my scrubs and go feed and walk. Hugs everyone and can't wait to show you what I create with my stampmaker...