Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amazing week!

Last week was my birthday week. It was a great time and so full of surprises!

This was my awesome gift from DH! He had asked me for some ideas and this was the one I was convinced was not going to happen. I put the stipulation on the Stampmaker that if he wanted to get that for me for him to PLEASE support my favorite local store: ECLECTICA
I told him it would be a special order for them and that of course they would not tell me that he had ordered it. It was FANTASTIC!! I had given my scrappy BFF a huge list of stuff I would like to have and then had to choose all my purchases carefully after I gave out that list. It was so funny because I'd think, well if I already knew I wasn't going to get that, I'd buy it...LOL
I got some awesome vintage buttons and trinkets from MME, some of the New Tim Holtz Distress Stains (or as I lovingly call them, I got some Bingo Dabbers), and a giftcard (you can find all these things at my lovely LSS. They also carry SMASH!! 
Those Smash books are so cool! I gifted two of them this week. One to a friend of mine who is a fully grown lady with a child...and the other to my godson (so he could have an activity of creativity...he's 11). They both LOVED THEM! I love them too, but I purchased the last two that Eclectica got in their first shipment. They had already reordered when I talked to them last LOL! Wow and they are such a great price point. I think they are perfect little books for everyone...boys and girls.
Ok folks, I forgot to mention the most exciting part. Tuesday, May 31st we bought our first ever BRAND NEW CAR!!
Currently working on a name and need another photo or two for the LO but I LOVE IT!!!
I think this car is just so me and I couldn't be happier. DH loves it as well.
Oh, and I'm having a giveaway over at my youtube channel...have you gotten ahold of the elusive Tattered Time paperstack?

Also I had promised someone that I'd do a tutorial on my roses so here's the vid for that as well:

And another awesome DCWV Stack I found at Joanns:

There are more recent projects at youtube than are posted here right now. It's just been easier they way my work schedule has been to shoot a quick vid and ul it that way. Ok, time for me to throw on my scrubs and go feed and walk. Hugs everyone and can't wait to show you what I create with my stampmaker...

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  1. What a sweet hubby you have!! Good to know there are still good guys like that out there!! <3


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