Monday, April 27, 2009

Scrappy Clothes!!!

Another CUTE shirt I "helped" with. This one can be found at:

THIS is my new favorite scrappy piece of clothing...I "helped" my friend Nimmie design...ok I told her to come up with a super hero design and when she showed me the pic I suggested they be holding scrappy stuff.

Get yours here:

tons of colors and fits available!!

*****CafePress has taken down both shirts due to infringement...but she did use copyright free fan art to create these shirts so sorry everyone! No harm was intended!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everybody needs blog too could be in the winning for this!!!
Hop on over to:

And for even more blog candy, click here:

New Recycled Mini starring Graphic45

Finally finished the new Mini I had started before Easter...also have almost finished a gift mini for some friends and need to do one more recycled album for my Etsy store.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Faves 04/24/09

What a week! This one has really been a whirlwind!! But it's Friday and I'm off work and in a little while we're going out so YAY!

1.Calamari Ricardo!
I am so having this for lunch today!!! I have been dreaming about it for MONTHS! Delicious and wonderfully fresh tasting...comes from Carrabas and has a lemon butter sauce with a kick that is so YUMMY!!!

2. Outlander is going to be a movie!! This could be AWESOME!

3. My summer movies are about to start! There may actually be more to add to this list, but Wolverine starts next week and I know these are MUST SEES!!! Can't Wait!!!

4.The Memphis Zoo (again) just because it's been so much fun so far this year!

5. My godchildren (even though Lana cut up a PILE of photos while I was at work !). The photos can be replaced, the kids can't!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the Navy!!!

Ok, so I can't just post the video...but here's the link! My boss (Dr. Widdop) is the one in the sailor outfit (and boxers!!!)!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Entered the April Tote Bag Challenge at BG!

Here's my entry for the tote bag challenge this month at BG! I have only entered once before and HATE that I didn't get to it last month. This proves my spirits are better...I haven't been very creative because of worrying about all the family stuff, but I'm putting that aside's too pretty in my scraproom with all my goodies!
The quote is hard to read in the photo but it's by Confucious and says: "No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance." My little book is empty right now, but was created for notes for myself on the books the Book Club at Bad Girls has going on!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Favs 04/17/09!

Little late this time so no pics, but I'll do links for everyone, OK?

1. The Memphis Zoo! We just took our godchildren Brandon and Lana on our first outing (first solo outing with godparents out with the godkids). We had a blast even though we didn't make it through the WHOLE zoo (we all wore out). I got a big kick out of Lana spotting all the airplanes while we were there. Allen says that we have to take her to the airplane.

2. My favorite message board at Bad Girls! Like my second favorite home!

3. My Minds Eye...I just LOVE all this paper so much! Especially the Bohemia line.

4. My new Mary Kay makeup! I can't believe how great their mineral foundation is!!! I became a fan of Bare Escentuals makeup last year and just really loved the mineral thing! It was time to buy new makeup when I got an email that my friend Ashley had decided to become a Mary Kay sales rep and she HOOKED ME UP last weekend when I was in Alabama and it is even better than the stuff I paid lots more for!!

5. Reese's eggs! I ate the six I recieved for Easter all this week!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday Faves with an Easter Theme!!!

This being a week that involves a major "candy" holiday, I thought that I would share with you my personal favorite Easter items:

1. Reese's Eggs
There is no candy as wonderful as Reese's peanut butter eggs. I thank the good Lord above that they are only available at Easter and that I have some sort of self control because I could READILY gorge myself into a sugar induced coma EASILY!!! I adore this particular candy like no other because it has the perfectly dried out peanut butter goodness to thin (well relatively thin) ratio of chocolate on the outside. Not even the wonderfulness that is a Reese's cup can compare and I must admit that the Reese's bunnies have way to high a chocolate ratio and aren't even worth spending money on to me. I also enjoy the "classic" size as opposed to the jumbo...again, the perfect ratio here. (Don't even ask me about any white chocolate or caramel centered confections that masquerade as Reese's chocolate peanutbuttery goodness.-I disagree.)

2. The classic Cadbury Bunny Easter commercial (I do a really good impression of this Bunny that I am actually quite proud of...ask anyone who knows me.) This is another masterpiece that I always look forward to viewing and love the eggs, but only in moderation.

3. Jelly Beans (this is one of my favorite Jelly Belly Flavors...Peach). Just have to have these beans for Easter.

4. Edible Easter Grass. We just found it this year and I haven't tried it yet, but it looks FAB!!

5. Snicker Eggs are only a few years old, but I think they're great and have a "real snicker" flavor!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ok, so I entered a contest and I won!!! So excited...I just happened to read their blog this morning and saw my page and's the link but you may need to scroll down a little:

Who knew???DH

Ok, so I am not always the "quickest" person to "get" things but really. DH has been trying and trying to get me to go back to my scrap room every day since all these bad things started occurring with our family. I just couldn't walk up be honest the only reason I made it to Mania last weekend was
1. I didn't want to let down the other people I was scheduled to meet.
2. It was paid for and I KNEW I would feel happier after I got there.

but at home, I just didn't want to do anything. Ok well I did want to eat tons of ice cream (we didn't have any here thank goodness!) and crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head and HIDE!! (And not answer the phone in case any more bad news was coming my way.) But I didn't do that either, I just stayed ol and got lots of posts on my fav mb and talked to people who love me (and that I love right back, thanks so much everyone!!!).

But anyway...I finally went upstairs last night and got started on a mini for our Grandmother. It is going to be really cool...I broke out all the Bohemia I've been hoarding because I love her so so much and she deserves to get some of the prettiest stuff in my stash. Now I just have to finish it before I leave to visit her for Easter weekend.

Pics as I get finished.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Favs04/03/09

This has been quite the week...but time for them once Friday FAVS!!

1. Lost


This weeks episode focused on Kate..gosh I LOVE that go Freckles!

2. Quantum Leap


I know the theme song is dated...but thanks so much NBC online for sharing this AWESOME show with the masses...if you haven't seen it, try it out! If you watched BSG, you'll see why others loved Cavel!! (Only he used to be so sweet!!)

3.Scrap Mania


I love going to Mania's and have only been once this year because well...I've been needing to spend other places but I am going this Saturday night...AND taking someone who's never been to one before (well, not taking but she's meeting us there) and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

4.Baked Potatos


This may be a weird one, but it's really all I've wanted to eat for the past week or so. My blood pressure was's back to normal now but I've been eating lots of these babies and bananas!!

5.The fact that I don't have any more online schoolwork due until May 11. Woo Hoo!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Week.

I really disappointed myself by not posting anything but my Friday Faves last week, and truth be told I found that a bit of a chore. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on lately involving both a sister and someone I do consider my brother even if we didn't meet until we were both adults...these two things combined make for high blood pressure and a me that just isn't ME, so if you think I'm quiet, then just give me a little time because I'm here...I just can't talk for the moment (I know, don't be so shocked...I'm a lot quieter than I used to be).


Okay everyone! I know you've all seen the big pink blinkee over on the side there...and now if you've been thinking about signing up at Bad Girls for a subscription to the most lucious kits on the is the time. They are running a promotion right now (and there are prizes...) so if you would be kind enough to run over and subscribe and ...

" With every person you refer, you and your friend will get a ticket to be placed in a hat for a drawing! This happens with every single person that you refer. Where: The person who is referred should put your name in the comments area when signing up through PayPal to let us know who is the baddest socialite of them all! "

The prizes here are fab and include free kits... but whomever refers the most friends gets this...
and I want it!

So when you sign up just put Aeify in the comments column...THANKS!!