Saturday, April 30, 2011

T for 2

So happy to finally be able to share this as I'm gifting it today!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vacation...there and back again...

So last week I finished up a couple more projects before we headed out for vacation. I didn't stop to share them with you simply because I was starting another that I had hoped to finish by today... but that didn't happen. We got back from vacation late on Saturday and both had to start working again on Sunday and had terrible storms including a power outage lasting over 24 hours (what a way to start back to work LOL).

Here's what I did:

Please Note: There is a contest in this video!

I simply can't wait to share the next project with you, but it's a gift so I have to give it before I can share it... (and I have to finish LOL).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Break Time... Projects HO!

I have several things in the works right now and the first one involved using up some of my hoarded stash. I'm trying to make room for new stuff, because I have started buying with intent (ie, only buying things that I could think of a project for) and I have so much stuff it's anti productive to have. I gave a lot of paper and diecuts to a place where they can be used as art therapy materials for children, but I had been holding onto some stuff, mostly from the kit club I used to belong to (they don't have regular kits anymore so that's why I don't belong there now). This stuff has been begging for the longest to be used and I'm trying my best to follow through. I started by going through and "kitting up" the supplies I actually wanted to use together and here's what I came up with (btw I made up some kits from the leftovers, just email if you're interested... HUGS!!