Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh my...

On the subject of Learn...
This year so far has been full of learning. Most recently I have learned to use our video camera which we have had for about five years now... I struggled to use it and made a video of putting together a Kaisercraft Train and then I learned that I do not have anything to convert video recorded on the digital tape to my computer (LOL). I have however learned that I can use the SD card for the camera so I'm going to make some new youtube videos right now. I'm a little disappointed in the train vid, but oh well, whaddayagonnado?
On a personal note I have also been learning to be "KennelTech Girl" at work and am SO HAPPY there!!! I cannot tell you how little drama the pets in the kennel cause :). It is also very nice to be the only responsible person for a certain amount of work being done. Oh yes, and I have also gotten to assist techs in the back. This makes me even happier as one day I want to be a tech myself (that's what the taking classes is all about).
I will be training some more ladies to work the front desk, as one of our new receptionists is moving with her family :(. I will miss her... she is so sweet.
Oh and I'm doing an unkitter review so I'll post when it's up and ready to go (SO excited about that!)
I am also participating in another charm swap. This one is Alice in Wonderland so if you wanna play on the link in the side bar :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quickie Update

Tomorrow I am starting my position in the kennel at work!! I am so excited and have a yt vid in the works...cute little train project. And loads of pics to ul so after today I should be able to give some more time to things I love for me...or here.

Hugs to all. I've been missing you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Freaky February

Ok, so I have photos that need to be posted... I have been crafty but work has been CRAZY!!! So I haven't had a chance to even unload them from the Camera...I will I promise. I'm trying to sell my slice and accessories now that I have a Cricut so if anyone's interested, just let me know...

Thanks for sticking around and btw, if you are a fan of Prarie Home Companion I hope you caught the live "view" at your local theatre on Thursday. It was a BLAST and so so SO relaxing. Going to that was my Xmas gift to my friend M.E.F. and we had the BEST TIME!!!

Hugs and more later...after more homework and a trip to work :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Giveaways Galore!!!

WOW!!! CHA must be super generous, becasue it's attendees are!!! Michelle has several posts here for everyone to win some goodness from CHA as well as another giveaway posted separately for the end of February. Happy February ya'll. I've got my LO for the second Dirty Scraps challenge in my head, but no out on paper yet, think I'll do that tonight. Anyway, if the sun comes out today, I plan on taking pics of the cards and LO that I did this week...I'm SUPER proud of my cards :). Hugs to everyone and remember to stop by Michelle's.