Monday, August 29, 2011

Seriously folks, it's Monday and I did something.

Ok, so I am in a swap at LSH (I really REALLY love the swaps there). And this swap is making journalling spots. It's awesome mainly because it's swapping with a small group and because I haven't really made just journalling spots before. Here's my first attempt:

I also finished up some tags for an Artsy Addicts swap. I forgot to film the ones I sent in to swap, but I still had to finish mine so that motivated me to go ahead and finish it!

Sorry the audio's a bit poor here but I am up past my bedtime finishing up and recording. Wish me luck staying alert at work tomorrow ( or just wish me extra cups of coffee LOL!)

Thanks for dropping by!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thanks to the winner of the My Memories Suite giveaway is:

Number 6

lydbug said...

Hi. Awesome lo. I've been looking for a divi software to try.
Thanks for the giveaway..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mini Swap with Deanna at LSH!

WARNING: this post is photo H-E-A-V-Y

So I was in another mini swap at LSH. Here is the mini that I sent to my partner (beware, I got a new tool and it "rocks" and so I talk about it quite a bit).

This is the mini I received:

The construction on this is amazing, I kept trying to figure out what kind of album it was...she made this out of chipboard, envelopes and masking tape...awesome!

Now for some still shots: (This is the full album, but I didn't pull out tags and stuff)

The next two are more detailed of the front cover:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LSH Fairy Flower Swap 2011

I was in a flower swap at LSH hosted by the awesome Cynthialoowho and our theme was Fairy Flowers.
Here is a vid of the flowers I created for this swap:

Here is the vid of the flowers I received (and a sneak of my current project LOL):

Thanks so much for watching! I love sharing these vids and love LOVE all the feedback. Thanks so much all!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Giveaway thanks to My Memories Suite

This is my lovely dog Kayla, these photos are from 2006 way before I had the camera that I have now, but I think they are my favorite pics I have of her. We have had her in our lives since August 2000. She was an adult when we found her at the Tupelo-Lee County Humane Society. She is my constant companion.

This layout was made using a free kit from My Memories Suite. The lovely folks are letting me share this awesome and really, it's easy to use software with one of my lucky blog followers. This is really exciting for me, because I've had another program that I have been trying to learn to use for almost 2 years and I just downloaded My Memories Suite, watched a couple of tutorial videos that can be found on their blog and after throwing my quick pages together, I made this LO which I am SO happy about!

If you want to be sure and get this software just go to their website and put the software into your shopping cart. Be sure to use my PROMO CODE:   STMMMS85219

This code gives you $10.00 off the already awesome price of 39.97 (really, check the online prices of Photoshop, Photoshop Creative Suites, Elements or any other software digi people use) as well as gives you $10.00 to spend on digital supplies at their store.

Reasons to try out My Memories Suite
  1. This software is easy, I am not a computer guru, other than being able to surf the internet at will.
  2. This software is at an AWESOME price point (trust me I spent over twice that on software that is installed on my computer that I almost never even open because it blows my mind trying to use it).
  3. The promo code gives you $10.00 off.
  4. The promo code gives you $10.00 to spend in the store.
  5. Digital supplies are cheaper and you don't have to totally convert, but you can take your laptop way more places you can drag all your paper supplies.
  6. You can print photobooks to give to people who may not appreciate the work that when into a paper scrapbook.
  7. You can get digital supplies from anyone you like on the web and use them with My Memories Suite.
So those are some reasons for you to try this out. Here's how you win the giveaway.
  1. Become a follower of my blog and comment on this post.
  2. Go to My Memories Suite and look at their kits in the store and leave me a seperate comment to let me know which kit you like best.
  3. Like My Memories Suite on Facebook and comment to let me know you did (tell them Scrapfaire sent you).
Winners will be chosen on Sunday, August 28th. Please make sure I have a way to contact you. Thanks so much everyone!

Don't forget, even if you don't win, you can use this coupon code to get My Memories Suite for only 29.97 and 10.00 worth of free kits at their store:


Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Memories Suite is SUPER easy digi stuff!

Ok, so I was invited to try out the My Memories Suite Software and after almost pulling my hair out, and THEN paying attention to the fact that you are supposed to be closed out of the software before you try installing new stuff into it, and it works GREAT!! I love the software I have been using, but this seems to do all I would ever want to do as a digi scrapper, it even drops shadows and it is REALLY inexpensive as well as user friendly. (if I can throw out a quickpage in just a couple of minutes, it really is FRIENDLY). Here's my first page:

This is our precious Sayuri, on the staircase. Isn't she cute! Anyways check out My Memories Suite if you are at all interested in digi, even if you think you might be, and check out their awesome freebies! This quickpage was a freebie...get it under the Free Kit tab! For a $10.00 discount and $10.00 worth of kits just use the following coupon code:


Dont forget to use this link for

Oh, by the way, the My Memories Suite Version 2 (which is what I have used here, only costs 39.97 and that code above gives you ten dollars off and 10 dollars to spend in the kit store.

I will share more later,
Thanks for looking!

This second LO took me only 8 minutes, start to finish!

August 2011 Update

I've had a really long month lately, including getting a pretty bad hand injury at work, having a fun trip to Six Flags over Georgia, an AWESOME girls weekend at CKC Nashville, and most recently a severe illness in the family that is not looking very good. I was supposed to participate in an awesome Unusual Mini Album blog hop but because of the family illness I was unable to participate. It just started today so please follow this link to the beginning of the hop...and enjoy!

I have also discovered that I can conquer some digi stuff. I've started making tags for all of my swaps at LSH digitally so that I can just type in my contact/blog/youtube info and hit print. Then I cut them out. It's not super fancy, but I've been happy with them.

I am currently using PSE6 but am in the process of downloading something easier to try out and share with some friends who are interested, but don't want to buy a more expensive software. So stay tuned everyone, and say a prayer for me and my family because the game of just waiting around for something to happen is just exhausting, physically and mentally.

Hugs to you all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

UnKit Flower Swap is in!

Just got back a flower swap that I did with some peeps from UnKit so here's the vid!