Monday, February 28, 2011

Strains and Pains and happy news!

So some friends of mine that I petsit for had some medical difficulties this past week and I've been petsitting one of my favorite little boy dogs, Tobey. He is such a good houseguest and is a load of company. He's calm like my own doggy Kayla but he will sit on the couch and sleep in the bed with me (right at my feet, perfect). His "daddy" was the one who was sick, but is now doing better (thank goodness) and so he hopes to be out of the hospital and back home soon. I'm gonna miss Tobey, but I always do when he leaves.

I apparently strained both of my thigh muscles on Monday night when I brought Tobey to my house and then went to Zumba late and started the dancing without the warmup. My legs have been screaming at me ever since when I do anything at ALL with them. This is SO UNCOOL! It is a little better this morning, but I did have to take a prescription pain pill to get to sleep. Oh well, time to suck it in and go on about my day. LOL, not much choice.

I worked extra an extra day and extra hours in days I was already scheduled to work last week which is not an excuse, but the actual reason I haven't posted any lovely creations for you in a week. I have started some CUTE atc's for a swap and btw I am involved in several swaps right now so you should have loads of pics soon. I just wanted to catch you up. OH, I don't think I mentioned that I joined a ning group that I found while doing the 31 day challenge. It's called "A Lil Scrap of Heaven" it is free to join and these ladies are TALENTED! I can't wait to complete my swaps with them, and I just hope my stuff is good enough. They do loads, and I mean LOADS of videos on the youtube (all the members) so that is also encouraging to keep me going there which I do enjoy. Oh, and they FEATURED my wooden mini! It shows up as a FEATURED VIDEO.... can you believe it!!! I'm so excited!!!  If you are excited as well, let me know, there may (there is) be a giveaway for that! Hugs!!

Giveaway is open until 03/03/11

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another one down.

I made another mini this past week and finally got a video ready to show it, I think it turned out GREAT! I don't know why I've been hoarding this wooden paper for so long, but I'm glad I am taking the Creative Retreat 2011 at Big Picture Classes because it got me to just use that stuff I've been hoarding and YAY it feels great! I also just kitted up the leftovers and have a mini for sale. (email if you're interested)

Ok, and here's the kit. Email if you're interested...
I've only got one and it' 15.00 including priority mail shipping in the U.S. (I will ship outside the  US for actual shipping costs, I'll just have to find out how much that is.

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did I really go over 14 days with no video???

No, I didn't, but I don't know WHAT happened to my last one. It was a flower how-to that didn't come out well at all. I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong, but I made some little fridge layouts today and thought you might like a peek, they are Sassafrassy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The last ten days!

So the last ten days have just been jam packed full around here with work and school and SNOW! I believe I am over the snow.
That is really weird coming from me, but I have had a terrible cold and was worried about not completing class assignments (which is funny because the campus was closed so I'm pretty sure I could be excused for turning in work late, even online just because of the weather and having to have my preceptor sign off, etc...) loads of stuff going on here and I have started some steampunk themed charms for another charm swap with my friend Michelle. There's still a place for one more swapper as of tonight, so why don't you go sign up, it'll be fun, I PROMISE!

I finally hung all my charms from the Alice in Wonderland swap I did with her on a swivel clasp from Tim Holtz and they are on my scrap bag to be shown off. I LOVE IT!

Anyway I'm working on my Creative Retreat class at Big Picture Classes. I'm getting so much encouragement and May Flaum is just jam packed full of inspiration. I've been kind of stuck when it actually comes to making things, but she's helping me work through it. I know that a lot of it has been the being sick and the anxiety and I just couldn't get to that place where my creativity comes from, not from the desire though. It's been just out of my grasp.

I thought I'd share with you a little of the process  I was using to make a tag.

First I selected the remains of a "Vintage Findings" Love themed kit from making memories, see the thing with the brown swirls on the bottom of the pile, I used that as the base of my tag. See those Acrylic ATC pieces from Clearscraps? I used those too...

I did stamp both of these images that I just got from Unity Stamps. They had a super bowl special of grab bags made of "leftovers" from their old kits of the month. 15 stamps for only 12 dollars (plus the flat rate shipping of 6.95). I ordered with a friend so we could split the shipping and we wound up trading a couple of stamps with one another but LOVED them all! The paisley shaped stamp is a peacock and it's really cool. I stamped both of these images with distress ink, waited too long to try to emboss my bird so it didn't quite go like I expected, inked around the edges, gave up for a while and walked around talking to my bestie on gtalk saying how I had scrappers block, pulled out some fringe, ribbon, and distress crackle ink, played with some Maya Mist (first time and OH YES I LOVE IT), decided to emboss with my Tim Holtz Retro Circles embossing folder (embossed the acrylic).
After I embossed the acrylic, I got a second wind. I cut out the circles. Picked out enough for my scallop. Sprayed the daylights out of them with the maya mist. Dried it mostly with a heatgun, wiped off what would come off after I overheated them and then made the scallop. Then I pulled out stickles because the blue ribbon looked all wrinkly. Decided that the butterfly needed more than Santa Baby Red Glimmer Mist so I added copper colored Glimmer Glaze. Then I painted with Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint. Sprinkled some black glitter and little red Beedz over the paint. Found the Cherub (which was an xmas tree ornament from hobby lobby, Thanks Ang). Put it in the butterfly frame. Then I punched the top of the tag to put some fibers through. I ripped the hole right off the tag. I "fixed" the hole with Tim Holtz Tissue Tape, then just tied a bow :)

It was a really, really involved little tag, but now I feel my mojo running and it's not good because it's getting late LOL!

I'm really happy with the way my tag turned out, especially the little acrylic scallop.


Friday, February 4, 2011


In my quest to make new and more improved embellies from things I have on hand, I have learned to make roses and just realized I didn't share here LOL!
The examples I saw were made with a punch, but I have a Cricut so who needs a punch! LOL!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

31st Video!

I did it by the way, 31 videos. One for each day this month. At my Youtube...

Click Me

I actually uploaded an extra today, that somehow is upside down and I didn't dub it because I'm sleepy so it's kind of silly...