Monday, February 28, 2011

Strains and Pains and happy news!

So some friends of mine that I petsit for had some medical difficulties this past week and I've been petsitting one of my favorite little boy dogs, Tobey. He is such a good houseguest and is a load of company. He's calm like my own doggy Kayla but he will sit on the couch and sleep in the bed with me (right at my feet, perfect). His "daddy" was the one who was sick, but is now doing better (thank goodness) and so he hopes to be out of the hospital and back home soon. I'm gonna miss Tobey, but I always do when he leaves.

I apparently strained both of my thigh muscles on Monday night when I brought Tobey to my house and then went to Zumba late and started the dancing without the warmup. My legs have been screaming at me ever since when I do anything at ALL with them. This is SO UNCOOL! It is a little better this morning, but I did have to take a prescription pain pill to get to sleep. Oh well, time to suck it in and go on about my day. LOL, not much choice.

I worked extra an extra day and extra hours in days I was already scheduled to work last week which is not an excuse, but the actual reason I haven't posted any lovely creations for you in a week. I have started some CUTE atc's for a swap and btw I am involved in several swaps right now so you should have loads of pics soon. I just wanted to catch you up. OH, I don't think I mentioned that I joined a ning group that I found while doing the 31 day challenge. It's called "A Lil Scrap of Heaven" it is free to join and these ladies are TALENTED! I can't wait to complete my swaps with them, and I just hope my stuff is good enough. They do loads, and I mean LOADS of videos on the youtube (all the members) so that is also encouraging to keep me going there which I do enjoy. Oh, and they FEATURED my wooden mini! It shows up as a FEATURED VIDEO.... can you believe it!!! I'm so excited!!!  If you are excited as well, let me know, there may (there is) be a giveaway for that! Hugs!!

Giveaway is open until 03/03/11


  1. Hello-I saw you at LSH and decided to pop on over & say hello. I love your creations & am totally with you on the leg pain-only mine is due to weight lifting before my Zumba class since I had 10 minutes to kill. What was I thinking?? Ironically the only thing I find helps is yet another Zumba class. As my BIL says-"Pain is weakness leaving the body!!" I hope you feel better, can't wait to see your ATC'S! How does anyone make 2 or more of anything look the same? It's beyond me, I can't follow rules, but I did make the Fairy swap-sorry for the eulogy-my coffee just kicked in! LOL Ciao!-Raquel

  2. Hi, saw your post at LSH. Congrats! I'm excited too. They featured a YT vid of mine yesterday - the Piano Box Mini! Yay! Makes you feel great doesn't it? Hugs, Pam (theoneandonlygrand on YT)

  3. I am excited for you also!! I love LSH too!! It is a great place to meet new friends....Thanks for the chance to win!!

    Leslie :)

  4. Welcome to LSH it is a great place to get to know some awesomely talented ladies! They are so inspiring. Cynthia and the team is great! I enjoy being a part of it. I hope to get into some of the groups soon, right now just to busy getting taxes done and setting up a new website for my store but as soon as I am done I expect to get more involved! It is a very exciting place to be!

  5. I wish I had have the talent you have. Your ideas are beautiful and a lot of fun to make. T

  6. I am super duper excited! That is awesome!

  7. Tobey sounds so sweet! Sorry about the PAIN!!!
    Keep on working that OT sister. WE sign up for CK Nashville in May!!! I'm so excited! And HOLY MOLY girl never say your work may not be good enough!!!It is!! :)


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