Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!!!

Oh happy sugar comas today! I am so excited thinking about how it will be to go to work decked out in my halloweeny scrubs with my special hat on! I'll def take a pic to keep you posted, but in the meantime I got in several swaps last week and thought you might like to share with me so here goes:

So I bid you farewell for now, I'm trying to get this autopost thingy down pat and hope (I'm crossing my fingers) that it starts working for now... Ok so I know I've user-errored it in the past LOL! But there will be some more minis to come, I'm inspired to make one for us... we did some halloweeny stuff last weekend that I want to document so stay tuned... (and be careful, you can go into a sugar coma if you aren't careful).

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Fall/Halloween Projects

So I have been swapping stuff like mad this month and here are a few more things I have made:

Halloween ATCs

A recycled T-shirt necklace (I do not know what happened to the first part of the video:

A Halloween Mini that I made to swap:

And my Tussie-Mussie that I made for my swap at LSH (it was a thankful/thanksgiving themed Tussie-Mussie swap)
Thanks for watching, and if you have any questions, let me know...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reporting on my first class!

Ok, so I gave you possibly the worst sneaky ever of my mini class ever. So sorry about that. I think I finally have the scheduling thing down for blogger and I've fixed my camera so hopefully no more bad posting LOL! Here are photos of the mini all the way through:

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Everyone personalized their book and tags, I gave them plenty more embellishments to do that with. I just love the ephemera that I found wandering around online and everyone who took the class felt the exact same way. I love this die cut set from Accucut. I'm not sure what it's called, but it is available for me to use at my LSS and I love using their diecut center!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall into Minis!

So I'm very excited to be posting today as a Vintage Heartfelt Designs team member. Today's project was to be fall themed, and that's my favorite time of year. My project for today is a sneak of my very first class, a Thanksgiving/Fall themed Mini!
Stay tuned until tomorrow for a peek through this awesome little book!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I know I've already mentioned the Teach Like a Rock Star Class, but I wanted to just let you all know how much I'm enjoying it. I love listening to the teachers every morning and following along. My confidence has grown in such leaps and bounds that I finally bit the bullet, I mean if you just wait around forever for someone to ask you to do something you want to do, you could be waiting a long, long time. So when I went to crop a couple of weeks ago and finished my halloween mini, and my lovely friends were looking at it, then someone asked when I was going to teach a class, I just set a date LOL! This Saturday is Scrap Pink at Eclectica and I'm going to teach a Thanksgiving/Fall themed mini there. Wow! Can you believe it? I hope this is the first of many classes! My goals are very straightforward...
1.This project must be finishable (the crop is 12 hours but my plan is to have this complete asap so we can work on other stuff). One of my friends will not be able to attend so I'm sending her her kit with complete instructions.
2. We must have fun.
3. Everyone should LOVE the project. (I mean, people gave me money for this class with the project sight unseen, and just based on them liking the stuff they've already seen me do.) (Talk about getting a healthy dose of ego)

I've had some moments of panic (um... like trying to find the "perfect paper" in this time frame) and finally started really kitting the class last night. I think it's going to be AWESOME!

Hugs and wish me luck!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Posting for the Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop (my stop)!