Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh my...

On the subject of Learn...
This year so far has been full of learning. Most recently I have learned to use our video camera which we have had for about five years now... I struggled to use it and made a video of putting together a Kaisercraft Train and then I learned that I do not have anything to convert video recorded on the digital tape to my computer (LOL). I have however learned that I can use the SD card for the camera so I'm going to make some new youtube videos right now. I'm a little disappointed in the train vid, but oh well, whaddayagonnado?
On a personal note I have also been learning to be "KennelTech Girl" at work and am SO HAPPY there!!! I cannot tell you how little drama the pets in the kennel cause :). It is also very nice to be the only responsible person for a certain amount of work being done. Oh yes, and I have also gotten to assist techs in the back. This makes me even happier as one day I want to be a tech myself (that's what the taking classes is all about).
I will be training some more ladies to work the front desk, as one of our new receptionists is moving with her family :(. I will miss her... she is so sweet.
Oh and I'm doing an unkitter review so I'll post when it's up and ready to go (SO excited about that!)
I am also participating in another charm swap. This one is Alice in Wonderland so if you wanna play on the link in the side bar :)


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