Sunday, April 10, 2011

Break Time... Projects HO!

I have several things in the works right now and the first one involved using up some of my hoarded stash. I'm trying to make room for new stuff, because I have started buying with intent (ie, only buying things that I could think of a project for) and I have so much stuff it's anti productive to have. I gave a lot of paper and diecuts to a place where they can be used as art therapy materials for children, but I had been holding onto some stuff, mostly from the kit club I used to belong to (they don't have regular kits anymore so that's why I don't belong there now). This stuff has been begging for the longest to be used and I'm trying my best to follow through. I started by going through and "kitting up" the supplies I actually wanted to use together and here's what I came up with (btw I made up some kits from the leftovers, just email if you're interested... HUGS!!

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  1. Super cute !!!
    Trying not to hoard to much too....but it is so hard not to buy all the new yummy products


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