Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Favs 04/17/09!

Little late this time so no pics, but I'll do links for everyone, OK?

1. The Memphis Zoo! We just took our godchildren Brandon and Lana on our first outing (first solo outing with godparents out with the godkids). We had a blast even though we didn't make it through the WHOLE zoo (we all wore out). I got a big kick out of Lana spotting all the airplanes while we were there. Allen says that we have to take her to the airplane.

2. My favorite message board at Bad Girls! Like my second favorite home!

3. My Minds Eye...I just LOVE all this paper so much! Especially the Bohemia line.

4. My new Mary Kay makeup! I can't believe how great their mineral foundation is!!! I became a fan of Bare Escentuals makeup last year and just really loved the mineral thing! It was time to buy new makeup when I got an email that my friend Ashley had decided to become a Mary Kay sales rep and she HOOKED ME UP last weekend when I was in Alabama and it is even better than the stuff I paid lots more for!!

5. Reese's eggs! I ate the six I recieved for Easter all this week!!!


  1. Great fives =)
    Me TOO ...I LOVE My Minds Eye... They have the most beautiful papers...yummy..I got some of the new stuff here that I have not played with yet..

    Have a wonderful weekend =)

  2. Love the top 5. I know what you mean about the MME paper -- so lovely!

  3. My Minds Eye is so pretty..You have very good taste!!
    So glad you are a Bad Girl!!Love that place too!!
    Great Favorites this week!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!!
    Joanie :)


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