Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday Faves with an Easter Theme!!!

This being a week that involves a major "candy" holiday, I thought that I would share with you my personal favorite Easter items:

1. Reese's Eggs
There is no candy as wonderful as Reese's peanut butter eggs. I thank the good Lord above that they are only available at Easter and that I have some sort of self control because I could READILY gorge myself into a sugar induced coma EASILY!!! I adore this particular candy like no other because it has the perfectly dried out peanut butter goodness to thin (well relatively thin) ratio of chocolate on the outside. Not even the wonderfulness that is a Reese's cup can compare and I must admit that the Reese's bunnies have way to high a chocolate ratio and aren't even worth spending money on to me. I also enjoy the "classic" size as opposed to the jumbo...again, the perfect ratio here. (Don't even ask me about any white chocolate or caramel centered confections that masquerade as Reese's chocolate peanutbuttery goodness.-I disagree.)

2. The classic Cadbury Bunny Easter commercial (I do a really good impression of this Bunny that I am actually quite proud of...ask anyone who knows me.) This is another masterpiece that I always look forward to viewing and love the eggs, but only in moderation.

3. Jelly Beans (this is one of my favorite Jelly Belly Flavors...Peach). Just have to have these beans for Easter.

4. Edible Easter Grass. We just found it this year and I haven't tried it yet, but it looks FAB!!

5. Snicker Eggs are only a few years old, but I think they're great and have a "real snicker" flavor!


  1. Ok...I've added some of these goodies to my grocery list!!!I tried to stay strong but it is a holiday right????? :)
    Edible Easter Grass?? That sounds so cool!!!
    Have a wonderful Weekend!!!
    Take care,
    Joanie :)

  2. And I was doing so good avoiding Reese's eggs this year! Oh, well. Going shopping for the little guy's basket tonight, and he loves Reese's cups, so I'll be buying them. You didn't mention Peeps (which come in bright red this year), and we'll be getting Dennis some blue ones and hoping for good pictures of blue face. David loves Cadbury eggs, so those are on the list as well. I'm intrigued by the edible Easter grass for sure.

  3. Yum!! I love your choice of candies!!!

  4. Yummy fives... I have not bought a single easter candy..Bad mom :lol: I will pick up some tomorrow so the kids gets something in their Easter eggs Sunday... AND I need some jellybeans for me. The grass is too cool..Now i have to look for that :lol:

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend =)

  5. Edible Easter Grass??? No way!!!! I have to try that!!!

  6. Ha! What Kaytee just said!


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