Monday, June 27, 2011

Life at the YouTube

I think it's really funny how terrified of technology I used to be. I was scared to mess with pretty much anything that wasn't just searching the internet until I found scrapbooking. It all started with my first membership to a kit club that had me spending hours on the forum making friends and trying to read every single post. It seems funny now that I desperately tried to read each and every one even if it didn't apply to me, or I wasn't playing the game for that section or whatever.
Now the internet is like a second home, full of wonderful people. I have this blog (and have had it for quite a while), I have dabbled in digi and I have my YouTube channel which seems to get all the attention lately.
It's funny but if you'd asked me just a few years ago I would have told you that you were crazy if you suggested that I'd be on Facebook (along with my parents) and filming YouTube videos of my crafting (not too crazy about my own voice when it's recorded, but I'm getting over that, the vids are super easy). I also wouldn't have thought I would have been able to master the editing or posting of a video. Go figure.
I have recently passed my own 100 subbies at YouTube and it was a very exciting time! It DOES seem to be a tradition that you have a giveaway at this milestone and I'd have to say I felt wonderful about mine. I just made my first response video today to let people know about another crafty soul who's almost at 100. I'm going to share it with you because I think she is SO talented.

I know she's going to make REALLY soon because as I subscribed she only needed two more to get there. I don't always post my vids here because I'm not sure how you all feel about them and so if I don't have anything to say I haven't really been letting you know.
Would you give me your opinion on that...would you like every vid posted here so you don't have to sub at yt. I know some people aren't into subbing at yt (I used to be of that ilk LOL!)

Have a great day everyone... off to work now!


  1. I know what you mean.
    Gosh when I started on the internet in about 1998 - yes that long ago. I would have never thought the internet to be so useful, interesting and yes frustrating at times.

    but the good outweighs the bad (gladly) and now I am part of a few communities and on you-tube too as well as having a crafty blog.

    I mean what is a computer for if you don't do those things right?

    There is a blog award over at my blog for you. ;)

  2. Oh another blog award for you over at my blog....


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