Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feels like a Sunday!

I know it's only Thursday, but due to the fact that I worked every day from last Thursday to this Wednesday (it was my holiday to work), I actually got off two days in a row! It's a good thing too because apparently I wrenched my back on Saturday at some point and I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in various degrees of PAIN!! (Backpain is no joke, I humbly apologize if I was ever not sympathetic or understanding enough to anyone I have ever met about some sort of pain, I have never, ever, ever hurt so much in my whole life and not known from whence the pain came or how long it was going to be around.)
The worst part about it was that I wanted to be cleaning my scrap look like a bomb went off...really.
(I actually have a friend at work who made the comment that I must be trying to overcome not getting to have toys with tons of pieces or not being able to have paints or playdoh because they were too messy as a kid LOL!) Oh well.
I have TONS of ideas for my TC stampmaker so my goal for today is to CLEAN my space because I WANT TO MAKE SOME STAMPS. (Now I have to figure out HOW to draw).
I have been awarded a couple of blog awards since I have been unable to sit up and let me tell you about them now (They are both from Debra over at Arty Crafty I've been following her for a few years now and WOW can she make some cool stuff!)

Thanks so much Debra for the :

The rules of this award are as follows: There are no rules.
Just pass it on!! So I will pass it on to some wonderful bloggers! THANK YOU!!

1. Crafty Jo : Jo was my purse swap partner at LSH for the AWESOME purse swap (video to follow below). She is so sweet and talented, go check her out!
2. EvilScrapper : She has just started her blog and it's already loaded with tons of pics of her craftiness. I get loads of inspiration from her!
3.My Paper Stash : Carol was also a swap partner of mine from LSH, now go show her some love, she makes some of the coolest stuff!

Here's the vid of me showing my box from Jo, it is AWESOME!!

The second blog award from this week to follow, although I am not working, working I do have a pet sitting gig and I'm sure those kitties are ready for me to pay a visit to their home. Hugs everyone and feel special, there will be another post today LOL!


  1. I gotta find Jo!!!!! I'm jealous, jealous, jealous of your goodies! I'm sure you'll put them to good use! :)

  2. Hi Charity, glad to have you join us, love your blog!


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