Saturday, June 18, 2011

I finally found it!

So I've been taking ALL my photos lately with my phone, and it's been bothering me mostly because this has been happening because of batteries. I am not the world's best recycler, but I LOVE rechargeable batteries. I like that it means I alway have batteries and the ones I get last a long time. But ever since we got home from Chattanooga, (I know, it HAS been a while) I just couldn't find the safe place I had hidden my charger for them. Yesterday I remembered that I hadn't checked the laptop bag (where I stored all the electronic stuff, duh) and there it was... so (holding up my right hand here). After I finish posted the vids that I have shot that need editing, I'm going to try and make sure to take some nice stills of projects for my lovely blog followers. Thanks so much for being patient with the fact that a grown woman can't keep up with a battery charger and was being too chintzy to just go get a new one.  I'm going to Mt. Juliet, TN on Sunday to watch my nephew play baseball with my big brother. I'm so excited. Chris lives maybe 8-9 hours away from me and that puts him at just a couple of hours which is something I can easily manage on my own. It also works great because even though I was invited to ride with a friend to the town where he lives, I didn't feel right about taking off work on a week where I am going to be off an extra day anyway for a food seminar. (Dog food that is.) And after I said I wouldn't be able to go, I find out he wouldn't have been home anyway. I DO wish I could go see Dad but driving over that way has just gotten to be too much to be a one day trip. This is the longest it's ever been since I've visited Alabama.
It feels really, really weird not to have been there since Christmas. I'm having a lot of guilt, but I just have not had the time.
I'm gonna go there as soon as I can...meanwhile I think I need to stop the rambling, it seems to be getting out of hand.


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