Monday, June 20, 2011

Youtube Layout Hop!

I am so excited to be participating in a youtube hop hosted by Limor and Zoe. Thanks to the wonderful sponsor: Scrap-a-Lot there is an awesome prize to be had. The youtube hop works exactly like a blog hop, you just go to each video participating and comment on each and every one. I haven't gotten a chance to do detailed photos because I filmed last night and woke up to cloudy skies, hopefully this afternoon I'll be able to take some. My layout is simple and sweet (um, even if I do say so myself). As I haven't done a lot of layouts for YT, I thought I'd go through the putting it all together process for you. Also I finally got some good photos from my printer by printing directly from IPHOTO! YAY!

Ok, Tim Coffey has spot number one so I'll link you there, and then go ahead and put my vid below, but I am next to last so follow the link from Tim's video, ok.

Tim Coffey (I KNOW, why is it all the cool guy scrapbookers are named Tim), love his technique videos, definately subscribe to him and check out his other work!

And now:

Don't forget to visit everyone's videos to be entered to win. Scrap-A-Lot has awesome kits and other wonderful goodies for sale so please go check them out...sponsors ROCK!!
Thanks again to Zoe and Limor for hosting and allowing me to participate!
Hugs everyone!!!

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