Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Faves 06/12/09

What a week it's been! Started out nice... as I was taking the rest of my vacation time from last year before I "lost" it. My friends Josh and Angie were bringing up the godchildren (Brandon and Lana) and I was all set for the greatest week ever.
We have had a really, really good week! The kids have been good. The pool has been cool. Josh has been really well! Brandon found out all about our plans to take him to six flags in July. These things were all good, but I guess everyone is due their bad times too...

These things all happening in one week are actually kind of funny, and will be better as soon as the regular pc is back up and running.

(insert drumroll here:)
1. Allen's car "broke down" --the back brakes had a leak to the extent they were crystallizing on! This was the first car in the shop this week. Sorry no pics...will follow when pc is back :)

2. The Ballard's car was some electrical part in the steering is SUPPOSED to be ready today.

3. It was possibly ready yesterday after the part got there at 1pm...the part never came.

4. The first part came this morning and was faulty from the factory...part number two has arrived.

5. The main pc in our stuck in a vicious but apparently common update loop courtesy of Vista...THANK YOU MICROSOFT! I mean, my pc is my tv, radio, entertainment... scrappy inspiration and happy place. I am so sad :( .

The good news is I've done some really cute pages, got asked to do a three examples from one kit courtesy of Eclectica (insert big WOO HOO here) and have really enjoyed spending time with the family.

Praise the Lord that we are all in good health and nothing more serious has happened. I hope everyone out there is well and doing fine.

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  1. Oh geez! I hope it all gets better!

  2. I hope everything gets better soon...
    Off to vote for you!!!
    Take care!
    Joanie :)

  3. Wow all that car trouble!!! Not fun!!!
    I hope it gets better for you!!


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