Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Faves 06/26/09

Ok, so there aren't going to be too many photos today because I've been working with photoshop but am not proficient enough to have lots to show...yet! LOL

1. My new Macbook Pro...I know we just got an iMac, but that's really for DH. This one is mostly for me and my scrappy self!
2. Having the answer for Mac or PC...
the answer is Mac!
3. Newfound confidence in myself and the dige/tech world.
4. Widgets. (Have my 2009 Sec schedule on my dashboard already.)
5. Learning to use photoshop... thanks to Jenni Bosivert at Bad Girls!!


  1. Yes the answer is MAC!!! My mac however is about 10 years old and is so very slow that I cannot even watch a youtube video on it! I'm saving up for a new one!! I love your banner!!

  2. Once again, we overlap -- I also blogged about Photoshop this week, too.
    I totally share your Mac love now. I just need a keyboard with a 10-key pad on it, and I'll be set.


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