Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday Faves 07/03/09

Ok, so I'm really late this week... sorry, but now for the entertainment.

My top five fav youtube vids by PES:

1: For your 4th of July pleasure:

2. Time for the Spicy:

3. For the other board game fanatics out there:

4. For the old-school gamers:

5. Let's all eat cake:

As I sit here posting this, it has begun to rain. That would be the answer to my prayers right about now. I even watered my little flower area out back to encourage the rain to come one down. So sorry to anyone who didn't want it to rain but YAY!! Have a nice holiday everyone!


  1. LOL Great videos!!! I love the cake countdown one the best!

  2. LOL Love this! glad I did not miss it.


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