Monday, July 27, 2009

Back Again.

So I took our godson to Alabama Adventure last week. A an I have been planning the trip for months, but after his root canal (which went really well and it turns out they only had to do one YAY) he did NOT feel like going. So Wednesday night after work I drove over to MS and picked up the Bear (Brandon's nickname) and we went to my Mom's to spend the night. Thursday morning we got up and went to pick up my middle sister Carla from work (the park doesn't open until 10am so she went in to make up a few hours) and then over to Alabama Adventure. It was so much fun!! B was a little hesitant to ride at first. But after strongly encouraging (ok I told him he really needed to ride and didn't really give him much of a choice in the first two) him to ride the swings and the ferris wheel, he got really brave and after the Avalanche and the scrambler, he and Kane decided it was more fun to ride things without me! My feelings weren't hurt though. I rode their big wooden coaster and have to say it's AWESOME!! That was my fun time. Friday I had to take my Mom in for oral surgery and so that wasn't fun, but she's ok.

After her surgery I took her home, got her prescriptions filled, took the boys to lunch, picked up some groceries and then made some home made pimento cheese (not the orange cottage cheese looking stuff from the grocery store) and a shepherd's pie for Mom and her family to have while she was recuperating and only supposed to eat soft food. Then we began our long (well not usually too long) trip back home.

When we got around Jasper, I was getting of the interstate to get some gas when... we had a BLOWOUT!! :(
This really nice soldier put on my spare for us and then we headed up the road (after several frantic phone calls to my stepdad Jerry... I don't usually panic, oh well) to see about getting a new tire.

We stopped at the Wal-Mart in Jasper where the tire center was supposed to have been "closed" for ten minutes already, but the sweet manager was there and he agreed to put a new tire on my car and so we were on our way once again.

This put us a good bit behind on our time table but we were safe and that's what matters.

Grandmother is not doing better and so we are a bit worried and sad about that but otherwise I hope this week will get back to normal. I am so ready to just have my routine back. I have a lot of projects half started and REALLY need to start finishing them!! I only have two more weeks of classes (I think) and so then I'll have a break before the next one begins.

I will try to get some pics up this week, I have taken lots.


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