Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's up with my BFF Google?

It's not a secret that I call google my BFF, always has my back, and I can get awesome tips and tricks and videos from him. But lately we've been experiencing a few growing pains, the Google and myself. It all started when youtube kept asking me to link up to my google+ account. I wasn't ready for that, it felt weird so I kept saying no until I accidentally created a new g+ for my youtube. So now I can't just upload videos from my phone to the youtube account that I want because I haven't figured it out. I did find out that I can't go back in time barring having my own Tardis or ability to walk through some singing stones (anyone out there reading outlander books?). So I've been struggling with what to do with some videos I shot and have been having trouble uploading (I'm not really a computer expert). I like taking vids on my phone and they used to go straight to youtube, now I'm trying other things to get them there. I'll let you know when something works. Other than that I finished an elaborate mini for my trip to the ren faire, finally figured out how to use PSE to make my photos the size I want them and now I just need to print the ones I want and stick them in. I haven't made anything awesome lately, but I have done some scrapworthy things. I'll be sharing them as soon as I can, meanwhile I'm going back to work on uploading those vids. Ok, so today I tried uploading to dropbox and then pulling them over to youtube, it seems to be working, here is my Lawn Fawn haul from September.

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