Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad News and Good News!

Wow!! What a week. Last week was uber busy and so great! I got to go to my friend Pam's house to scrapbook with a few others on Saturday after work and WOOT! She had the greatest setup. You picked your halloween hat and scrap table (yes she had individual tables set up for us) and then she had her marvelous niece Lauren draw "hats" for goodie bags and they were fab!! We each got stickers, alphas, alterable items and some cute halloweeny foam frames as well as a little album and a daisyd's xmas paper pad!! How awesome is she!!! There was also FOOD...yummy, fun halloweeny food and cupcakes and she made dirty rice for dinner and it was SCRUMTIOUS!!! Lauren also took orders for whatever we wanted cut out of Pam's Cricut. Now I have to say that last fall I did a lot of looking into what cutter I wanted before I chose the Slice. I love my Slice, but I think now I have Cricut envy!!! LOL!! Then of course before we left Theresa and I played with the Cricut ourselves. I think T is going to buy herself one this week LOL! Anywhoo, all was great Saturday and then SUNDAY came and I woke up with whatever icky virus DH had last week. UGH. I have actually been awake almost all day today and that in itself is a miracle. I went to the Dr. yesterday who told me nothing of use except to confirm that I have "some kind" of virus and that I apparently know enough to keep myself from getting dehydrated. DUH! (sorry, just felt like I wasted a trip to the dr.) Oh well, I obviously feel better today, I have even kept a little food down...YAY! I want you all to check out Pinky's post here prizes are available to you, me and her. Have fun everyone...and if you think you got sick because of me... I'm really sorry.

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  1. sounds like a great day... I love my Cricut
    Hope you feel better soon




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