Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday Faves 10/02/09

Okay, so I've been a slacker on the Friday Faves thing...shoot me. Life has been really, really busy here lately and well, there's been a shortage of folks showing up to work so those of us who have been are so tired, we are getting run down and in danger of illness.
Went cropping at Eclectica last Saturday for Scrap Pink and LOVED IT! My faves this week are:
1. Making Memories Spook Alley: I love LOVE love this line!! I won the mini book kit and haven't actually put it together yet, but I also got the embellishment package and the decorative pins that match. I need a couple more sheets of paper to go in the book and then I'll be all set. The book is for THIS year's spooky activities.

2. My Glue Glider Pro. I finally broke down and got this puppy and am SO happy!! It's as easy to use as my Kuyoko was and so cute to boot!

3. Being part of a Circle Journal. I love the journal I sent out in the group with Gauche Alchemy and am really proud of the page I contributed to Stephanie's.
I can't wait to get the next one. I hear it should be at my house in a couple of days.

This is the page I did for Stephanie's Travel Themed Circle Journal.

This is what I did for my Fairy (of course!) themed Circle Jornal. I'd show you the cover, but I didn't decorate it because I was afraid that after being tossed around by postmen that it would be coming apart. I won't get my journal back until next year. ( there are eleven of us participating and we each have the jornal for a month.)
4. Winning. I have to admit with all that has gone wrong lately, it has been FABULOUS to win some RAKs and challenges at the Fiskateer crops. I got a HUGE prize package in the mail today from the C&T publishing blog. I have calmed down on the entering as I need to get together a RAK myself. I have been feeling uber special lately and I think it's time to share the love.

5. Secret Sisters...I have two. One at Eclectica (and my sister has been so talented and GENEROUS so far) and one at Fiskateers. Both of these are first fiskasister package went in the mail today (this one is just for Oct/Nov). I so hope they both like what I made/sent them!!!


  1. Yay!!! Friday faves! You should have gotten my cards yesterday unless the post office is slacking. Anyway, congrats on all that winning! I am posting a RAK on my blog on Monday... maybe you will win that one too!! LOL

  2. "Eclectica" just may be the coolest name for a store, ever. Okay, next to Anthropologie. :)

  3. Beautiful work on the circle journal =)


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