Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Faves 05/01/09

1. The idea to recycle old cereal boxes int ATCs....Thanks to kitsandcaboodles at Etsy! I love her store too...have to shop here because she's actually in my hometown of Clanton, AL...that alone amazes me not to mention her cute crafty little shop!!

2. Makeup Tutorials by panacea81. If you have ever wondered how to do a smokey eye and had trouble following written instructions...if you have ever wanted to do your own "fantasy" makeup looks for whatever reason...or if you just want to know how to emulate a certain celebrity, just look here. She's so precious and so sweet and TAKES REQUESTS and is very good at giving tips and instructions!

3. "MY" new scrappy tee shirt! Okay so everyone else can have one too! I encourage you to go pick out your fav style and color and pick one up for's "super"!!! (The link is below...I really love it enough to post about it twice LOL!


My hubby has been trying to get me to share his audio books for a while and for some reason I just didn't want to ... I love my little ipod but for some reason after the initial thrill of finally getting one and listening frequently I just stopped for a while and had a hard time getting back into it...well now I have discovered the Outlander series and LOVE listening while I do anything scrap related, laundry, free step with my Wii... you get the picture I think ;).

5. Podcasts. Love several:
this american life
what do you know
wait, wait don't tell me
(ok so the last three are shows from NPR which I also love, so I got six in this week instead of Five!!)


  1. I love that t-shirt!!! Great fives!!!

  2. Nice 5's... who doesn't love make up, tee's and scrapping? YEE HAW!

  3. Ha! Love your scrappy shirt!
    I need to check out those makeup tutorials. I don't wear makeup at all, and whenever I "need" to (i.e. special events), I never know where to begin.


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