Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Faves 05/22/09!

Birds, Flowers and dogs (and even a cat!!)
I am pet sitting this weekend for some of our patients this weekend (I work at a veterinary hospital) and as I have never done this for hire before...I am ENJOYING myself ALOT!!! (yes I know that's not correct grammer, forgive me please.)

1. My pets. They bring us so much joy and love us even when we aren't loving ourselves...and I finally got a decent photo of my cat Sayuri! but first is Kayla...the best dog we could ever have!


Sayuri (she'll be two in July)

3. Getting my first photo ever of a hummingbird! (she was at the house where I am pet sitting...I didn't get a good shot of her man, but I'll try again tomorrow!)

4. The Lovett Boston Terriers! These are the sweetest and lovingest boston's I have ever met!

See how they play?

Abby was a rescue and Minnie is right at a year old and completely deaf!

5. My hydrangeas. I have planted hydrangeas at both of the homes we've had, but this is the first bush that has bloomed. Last year was it's first time to bloom (the bush was a gift from my dad...a piece of one out of his yard. I have one from my Mom too and it's growing well, but younger so I hope it blooms next year).
Pic from today 05/22/09

One of the blooms from last year.


  1. Aeify, What great pictures!
    Your fur babies are so very sweet!!! Your cat looks like she is posing!! I think it would be very fun to pet sit :)I would seriously have a houseful of animals if my husband would let me!!
    Hydrangeas are GORGEOUS!!!
    Have a great weekend and a continued Happy Birthday week/month ;)
    Joanie :)

  2. Great fives girl...hmmm I only counted four :lol:..Your cat and dog is gorgeous, and so are your Hydrangeas

    Have a wonderful weekend



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