Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Faves for May 8, 2009

Okay so it is really Saturday, but I wasn't feeling very well yesterday...I didn't even check my email...go fig. I had a good day, but was basically just TIRED And sleepy so I rested. (mostly) But I am posting my faves...better late than never.

1. Strawberries! As mentioned in a previous post, May is my birthday month...I don't really expect to spend the WHOLE month getting accolades (my birthday isn't until the 27th) but as May is full of flowers growing, bees buzzing and birds chirping (and school being out which used to be one of my favorite things growing up...we would ALWAYS be out of school right around my birthday although I hear it's later now) the whole month is just kind of special to me. I love, LOVE strawberries...I can't eat enough of them! Anyway my friend Jamie and I went a couple of Saturdays ago and picked fresh strawberries and DH and I have been enjoying them...I wanted to go pick more today but am being impeded by rain...oh well maybe next week.

2. Sausage balls. I remember growing up they used to be reserved for special occasions like Christmas and then I remember asking my Mama if we could just have them for breakfast sometime. She said that they were all the ingredients of sausage and biscuit so that would be fine if it's what I wanted. I still love making them for breakfast although I don't always use flour now (I don't have any...and they work ok, just take more draining). I like them slightly overdone so the outside cheese is crunchy. I also LOVE to use Jimmy Dean sausage!

3. The Butcher Shop. This restaurant has two locations (right now) in Memphis and I've always heard good things about it, it's just a little out of our price range for dinner out (Our price range for a "nice" meal being Chinese or O'Charley's or something and just eating out being of the Tellini's or Arby's variety). Anyway I had an "educational" dinner on the topic of pet motion sickness (yes, vomit!!! lol!!!) and had one of the most delicious steaks I had ever had out!!! My steak was so big that I brough half of it and my baked potato home to DH (who raved)!

4. Chuck. DH and I kept hearing about how good this show was on our favorite podcast and decided to check it out! I'm five episodes in and LOVE it! Trying not to give too much away here but so you know all episodes are available here.

5. Star Trek. I LOVED it...had everything I wanted and so far I can't think of anything I didn't.
Live long and prosper....and if you're a fan of Star Trek at all, go see this movie.

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  1. Good Morning!! I hope you feel better today :)

    I have to check out looks really good!!

    Your faves are making me really hungry!! Everything looks and sounds so good!
    I also celebrate my birthday the whole month long!! It makes it so much more fun!!!
    Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your weekend!!!


  2. what a neat list! :D Yummy food! I NEED FOOD right about now! lol

  3. We're off to see Star Trek today -- and I know that if you liked it, I will, too!

  4. I love strawberries! With chocolate... or champagne! OK or just by themselves.

  5. LOVE your fives...Sorry I have not been by here lately
    Your blog looks awesome
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow
    Hugs =)


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