Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Faves 05/29/09

1.This may come as a shock, but my first friday fave is having the opportunity to turn this gorgeous paper from MY MINDS EYE from THIS

Into THIS!!!

2. Going to Emack and Bolio's to have a ton of ice cream with my friends this week on my birthday! Even my beautiful springer spaniel neice Caroline got to go for a doggy sunday (yes, they make totally safe doggy sunday's here!!!)

3. Getting "The Daily Grind" letters from Theresa along with some of the Just Chillin' letters and some GLIMMER MIST SCREENS for my birthday!!!

4. This hilarious British Comedy directed by Frank Oz (aka Miss Piggy) Death at a Funeral had me ROFLOL and that is quite a feat!!

5. Only need a few more Star Trek points to get a cool Star Trek T-shirt...can't wait!!!

There are a couple of links up there...just click on the photo if you are interested...


  1. I love ice cream. I eat too much of it. Such a bad habit.

  2. You have such great goodies this week!!
    Glad your birthday was so fun!!!! I LOVE taking my dog for ice cream ..yeah..we are empty nesters for sure!!!

    Love your layout.....Very pretty:)
    Take Care!!!

  3. what GREAT favs :D I LOVE your LO! :) and glad you had a scrappy bday :) Someone with your BIG heart deserves good things :)
    Much LUv n' hugs Charity


  4. Awesome faves!! I just saw Star Trek yesterday and LOVED it!!


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