Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to handle a sensitive subject part I

So in 2012 I posted here about a LO that I made which was full of some sensitive journalling and really I guess it was a more art journally type page, but whatever. Today I want to share this LO with you.

I will be the first to admit it's a bright, happy, springy, colorful thing to look at. (OMG I've been wanting to use those papers on something lovely for so long). The photo is of me and my now deceased DH from Easter 2000. The vellum to the left of the photo covers a LOT of journalling. Some really painful journalling about how that day seems in the photo and the reality that was my life for so long. I love so much about this LO. But most of all I love LOVE the way I felt after I wrote all of my feelings down. It was like breathing a sigh of relief. I worked a desk job for several years, and this photo sat in a cute but really cheap little frame that had plastic on it rather than glass. One day a glass of water spilled on my desk and damaged the photo. The plastic from the frame is STILL stuck to the photo, it will tear up the photo if I try to take it off, so if you think it looks weird, that's why. I wouldn't change a thing about it... I wouldn't put anything on here straighter. I think it's awesome just the way it is. I used my favorite products, a stamp, some trim that I misted, some stickers that I've been hoarding shamelessly... and design tips from Shimelle Laine (I'm kind of addicted to her videos right now).

Do you scrap the hard stuff? Do you keep a journal that's private to put your feelings in? I'm kind of combining my therapy blog with my scrapping. I think it's good for me, and hopefully one day if any of my good friends takes a look at this page, they can share their own feelings, or they may not stop and read it. I think either way it's a really good idea.

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  1. Hugs and prayers for your loss. I do keep a journal with the hard stuff in it -some fluffy too. Its in a drawer not locked however, my DH is a great respecter of privacy so its all good. I have learned to journal the hard stuff and not give too much away but to let people that read my page that there are times that are not always lollipops and sunshine. I scatter my journals about the house and hopefully people will stumble upon them at a much later date.


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