Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hold the BUS!!!

Still trying to help my sinus virus whatever get cleared up, and so tired from working (that's not my excuse for Sunday, but that's for a future post ;)), that I haven't finished my little altered book. Sadly, I've barely touched it, and I want to make it all pretty. But I have to have energy and mojo which haven't been with me at the same time so.... 

What I HAVE gotten to do, is sign up for some classes that will be taught by Jen Starr! She is doing Three Classes at a LSS around here called Scrapbooks Plus. They are:

I love LOVE that the supplies to bring with you includes a palette knife (I think I actually have one somewhere)! I can't wait to participate and get my hands all messy with someone who is so influential she has her own lines of products!

Have you ever taken a class with Jen? 

I know some friends who have and they say she's AWESOME! I missed out on getting to attend the classes she taught at my LSS in Memphis so I am simply overjoyed to be able to take so many here!

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