Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peek at my projects!

So I want to show you a bit of what I made in class over the weekend. The star of this gate folding album is Paint and Spray from Art Anthology. If you haven't used these products, LOOK FOR THEM!

There are some large 6x8 spaces that we used Water color paper, various stencils/screens and Art Anthology Colorations (mists/sprays). I LOVE the colors of these mists, they layer so well! LOOK at how vibrant they are!

This is a gate fold section that you see in the middle of the book when it's opened. I am just amazed at the layering. (excuse my sloppy stenciling, I haven't really scraped anything through a stencil like that before that I can remember... I love them even if they aren't perfect). I believe I used the Sorbet paint to make those wings.

The dictionary pages you can peek at are sealed with Jen Starr designed Dimensional Crystals paints. They are a FANTASTIC and I love that they have glitter inside, you can see it sparkle a bit in the light.

Can't wait to hear what you think... 

more to come...

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