Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Art Anthology is AMAZING!!!

I LOVED taking classes from Jen Starr! Please check her blog to see if she is coming to teach near you, OR find a way to bring her to you if you have to! She packs so many fun techniques into each class and really encourages you to P-L-A-Y. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be in classes with some ladies who really seemed to have trouble in the beginning letting go and letting the color thing just HAPPEN and embrace what was happening on their project. She would step in when they were getting frustrated and discouraged and just explain to them how to modify and direct and to just let GO and develop their visions.

I have been a person who had trouble letting go, and it's amazing to see others go through it. I remember when things like that were hard, but for the life of me I can't remember WHY they were so hard. :)

I think my absolute favorite thing were the Art Anthology sprays. Don't get me wrong I loved ALL the products, those different kinds of paints go on like butta and the colors are AMAZING, not to mention that they are gel based so they serve as a sealant and adhesive as well. Photos of my projects are coming, but I wanted to get them to a more finished state before sharing them with you.

Things I liked best about the sprays, the color, the texture (they are so soft looking, um very vibrant but they look like they would be soft to touch), the way they blend and layer, and I LOVE that you are SUPPOSED TO shake them like a polaroid picture! For best results on wash and wear fabric, they reccommend you pretreat your fabric with Soda Ash. Ok, gotta order some canvas stuff to alter now! I'm so excited to play with some of these sprays soon! I purchased some of Jen's dimensional crystals to play with so my upcoming projects will look even more painterly than the stuff you've seen lately. Can't wait to get to playing!


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