Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What can you do with a Slhouette Cameo?

I must have done something right, because there was a brand new Silhouette Cameo under the tree for me this year and I had NO IDEA it might EVEN show up!

I was so excited that I took it out of the box right away, and plugged it in just a couple of days later :).

I wanted to see what this baby would do so I just started trying things out.

1. Would it cut vellum?
Yes it would! Intricately as well!

2. Is print to cut easy to master?
Why yes, it is, look how awesome that looks!!

3. Can it cut both Glitter as well as Regular cardstock?
Yes! I can make one of those awesome Putz-Style houses that Samantha Walker designed and put up on the Silhouette store for sale. (I had purchased these houses as fast as she put them out, and was going to make them before Christmas with my original Silhouette machine, but alas I ran out of time... I just had to make one though it's so cute. Here it is on my tree (yes, it's still up right now).
The glitter paper here is American Crafts POW! (um, I am loving that stuff!) The trim is cut out of metallic silver Bazzill and the snow is white Bazzill. I covered the whole house with Distress Stickles in Rock Candy and had some Vellum with doilies on it that I have no idea how old it is... it's by K and Company and has been in my stash for several years. But I put that behind the windows. The stickles made my icicles bow out a bit, but for my first complex 3d project I am overjoyed !!!

4. Will it cut Vinyl?
5.Will it cut Canvas?

Why yes, it will. The Vinyl does NOT need a cutting mat, and the machine has it's own vinyl settings that I used and it worked perfectly. I cut the elf shape above from that weird sheet of vinyl that I had just in my stash from forever ago. The tag and the butterfly are both cut out of Claudine Helmuth's stickyback canvas. If you are cutting this material you DO need your cutting mat and I suggest double cutting for best results. My butterfly is cut cleaner than the tag. I used the method of transferring paper my friend Christine posted here to transfer the stripy paper to my tag, then I covered it in Corvette Red Dimensional Crystal by Art Anthology. Then when it was dry I peeled my elf shape from my vinyl and stuck it on the prepped tag. This is going on a late to mail xmas gift
Oh, here it is on the gift which is inside a 3d purse box that I also cut with my awesome new toy :)

6. Will it cut chipboard?
The answer is actually yes, it will cut thin chipboard with no problem at all!
This was some Recollections brand chipboard that I picked up at Michaels one time when they had their loose leaf paper on sale. The chipboard was included so I got several sheets, they were in with the 12x12 scrapbook paper. 
I have some Graphix chipboard which is really thick, I could NOT get it to cut that, but boy I tried :)

I don't have any of their special materials like their vinyl, the vinyl I have came from Vinyl Superstore. I also have some metallic cardstock but I haven't tried it yet. I will keep you posted. 

OH in case I haven't mentioned it I took a beginner class from Kerri Bradford now that I have upgraded to a Cameo, there are more classes there that I want to take, but if you are having any sort of issues starting out, I can't recommend her beginning class enough! Also she gives you some shapes. 

I can't wait for my New Year's day off, and I kind of can't believe that I have been pushing this machine so hard to see exactly what it can do. I've been having SO MUCH FUN!!!

(the printed cardstock is from the Studio Calico Magical collection paper pad)


  1. Hello I am fairly new at trying things on my Cameo, I am experiencing difficulty cutting through heavy cardstock that is plain on one side and has a slight feel of a pattern to it and it is shiny metallic on the other, I am trying to cut out the names Abbie and Brandon for a wedding invitation.. It keep tearing and not cutting through all the way,, I have Mirrored it, and cut from back side, slowed my speed down and I have also set my Blade depth to 6 and getting a better result but not yet great,, The font I am using is from the sil store and it is called "Scrap Script" I am setting them to be about 1.25 high and about 5.0 long and have them all welded together so it cuts one full piece ... any help would be greatly appreciated,, I am new to this and sure would welcome comments and any help I can get,, thank you so much.

    1. Terrie, Try cutting multiple times as opposed to increasing your blade depth, also make sure your mat is newer if your surface is thicker, and that your blade is clean and free from debris. Crossing my fingers that this helps.

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