Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Happenings...

So I'm now officially behind on making Christmas Cards. I made a few during the summer.

And... I stopped right there ;)

I have been working with my Silhouette for HOURS this evening and have nothing but a couple of little stars to show for it. I ordered a couple of mats Monday while they have a BIG SALE with FREE SHIPPING going on (it'll be going on for a few days yet... go over if you need anything...) and they aren't here yet. So I have been unsuccessful in cutting out this ADORABLE house that I pinned from Samantha Walker and she put out a new one today and will probably be putting out more this week so EEK I want them all!! SO CUTE!! 

Ok, so check out those cut files, they are on sale too! Let me know what you are working on and check out my Santa Sack Haul :

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