Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Cards 2013

I generally like to have my Christmas cards made early (if I'm making them). I didn't make it this year... but since I need some kind of count in the twenties and I needed them quickly I decided to come up with some ways to make them faster and get them finished. I had purchased the Studio Calico Holiday collection because I didn't have any Christmas paper and it was available locally and I could go ahead and make my cards. This was before Thanksgiving and I still didn't get them made early like I thought I would, LOL. But I do really like this collection. So yesterday I decided to take a cue from Shimelle Laine. She has talked about cutting up her papers into sizes that she uses (she never measures btw and that is so refreshing to me because well, I don't measure a lot myself) and just has a pile of pre-cut papers that she can use. So I pullout out some patterns from this collection that I liked and thought would work well together and hacked away until I had three piles of papers. I punched a few of the peppermint circles out but then my punch decided it wasn't going to work anymore so I gave up on that for the meantime and started just slapping papers together onto premade cards to see what I thought looked pretty. I made ten cards in just a few minutes and you know what, they look fine. They are handcrafted and I'm happy with them. I just Cut out some tags and embossed a sentiment Here they are...

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